Liverpool International Convention Centre

Leading UK conference centre, ACC Liverpool wanted to uphold their first-class reputation with a complete refurbishment of their 10 different toilet blocks throughout the centre. After exploring many options, including a complete refit of the toilets, they approached Lustalux to fit their high-quality architectural surface films after discovering it was a much more cost-effective solution, with minimal disruption time and provided fantastic results.

Lustalux was onsite for 4 weeks installing the 1500 meters of premium LG architectural film to the dated toilet cubicles. Rather than a full refit, that would take at least double the amount of time, the Lustalux team were able to work with minimal disruption to the convention centre’s busy events calendar.

“We’ve been open since 2008 and the toilets were starting to look quite dated. Initially, we had the idea  of renovating the whole toilet, which includes ripping everything out to fit brand new toilet cubicles and panels. After a bit of investigation, we discovered that was going to be quite costly, and with the panels being in pretty good condition, we approached Lustalux for a more cost-effective option.”  – Zak Khachik, Head of Operations 

To install the refurb film, the team sanded and cleaned the panels, ready to directly apply the film to the surface. Each bathroom was transformed in 1-2 days with the project completed within 4-weeks.

“Lustalux has been really good from quotation right through to project management. We are a busy convention centre, and it was great that Lustalux could work around us, whilst being self-contained and keeping noise to a minimum.” – Zak Khachik, Head of Operations

If you’re looking to refurbish your premises in a cost-effective way, interior architectural film is for you. Not only is it more cost effective compared to a complete fit out, but it also reduces disruption, downtime and is more environmentally friendly as you’re not throwing old fixtures into landfills.

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