The benefits of illuminated signage for your business.

Always wanted to see your name up in lights? Well, now you can.

You might not be the next star of the big screen, but at least everyone will know your (business’s) name.

With illuminated signage, everyone will know who you are, where you are, and what you do.

When it’s the first thing customers see when they enter your business, it’s a good way to make a great first impression.

Here are just a few of the benefits of installing an illuminated sign for your business.

The Benefits Of using illuminated signage.

1. Its all about your Brand.

First things first, illuminated signage is a brilliant piece of visual marketing.

As your sign is custom-made for you and your brand, its design is intended to represent your values and image.

You can select the colour, design, and style that most closely symbolises who you are.

A well-designed sign has many benefits for you and your brand, such as:

  • Customer confidence in your company
  • The perception of being a luxurious, upmarket business
  • Promoting your brand as being very successful
  • Attracting more customers

2. It’s around the clock advertising.

In the darkness, your business is quite literally a beacon of light.

When it gets dark, it’s very difficult to see a regular sign. They become very ineffective.

This is not so important if you own a shop or café that’s only open during daylight hours, but if you run a restaurant or a bar, evenings are probably going to be your busiest time.

Having an illuminated sign means that you are advertising your business constantly while attracting new customers.

If you’re next to a bar without an illuminated sign after the sun goes down, which one do you think patrons are going to choose?

3. It sets you apart from your competitors.

Talking of who your customers are going to choose, having an illuminated sign sets you apart from your competitors who don’t.

It’s an easy way to clearly show who you are and why you are different.

If your competitors do have illuminated signage, then there is all the more reason that you need to use them yourself.

Otherwise, your business may lose its appeal when a customer is deciding where to go.

As illuminated signs are easy to customise, you can make yours a statement piece. The more noticeable and memorable, the better as this will help people to remember you.

4. They are energy efficient.

Unlike traditional neon signs that tend to be expensive to run and ineffective, modern LED signage is energy efficient.

They don’t get too hot which means they’re not wasting energy. As a result, they use less energy to run which means they’re relatively cheap, too.

You can outshine your competitors without breaking the bank or harming the planet.

5. Many design options.

This is where we come in.

If you’re considering an illuminated sign, there are so many different options available. They are customisable in colour, size, shape, font, and material.

They’re endlessly versatile and we can help you to design the sign of your dreams.

Get in touch and let’s discuss what you have in mind for your business!

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