Illuminated Signage.

What are the benefits of using illuminated signage for your business?

Your business should have signage that stands out and Illuminated signage is a highly effective way to enhance your visibility and curb appeal. Illuminated signs use backlighting to light up the letters or a halo glowing effect to make your signage message stand out and grab the attention of customers, even in low-light conditions.

Halo effect lighting is the use of lighting behind the signage letters to create an attractive glow. The glow illuminates the sign by creating a reverse shadow of the cut lettering or logo.

Modern LED lighting uses less electricity and is a powerful tool for boosting the visibility and appeal of your business signage. Even during daylight, illuminated signage is cost-effectiveness and eye-catching. Take your business to the next level.


efl illuminated signage in preston HQ

halo illuminated signage.

Illuminated signs showcase your business logo and brand message, helping to increase brand awareness and recognition.

By using illuminated signage throughout your business, you can ensure a consistent branding message and image with every customer interaction.

Backlit signage can be used as interior or exterior signs. We scale your business brand imagery to the appropriate size for the chosen location. External signage requires upgraded water protection for safety reasons. For this reason, interior signs are slightly cheaper. 


bespoke illuminated signage.

Combining illuminated signage with bespoke customised lettering provides a highly visible brand statement.

We use your brand guidelines or help you create a logo which is then translated into a design using raw materials. We’ve over 30 years of experience in the signage industry and our team are incredibly skilled. Sheets of plastic and metal are cut, bent and shaped into spectacular illuminated signs that have a long lifespan.

 If you’re looking for an Exterior Signage Company, Lustalux is hard to beat. We cover the Northwest from our Preston office. We also have offices in London, Coventry, Manchester and Falkirk. We’re high-quality sign makers and installers.

cpc illuminated signs lancashire preston graphics
age concern illuminated signs preston

shop front light-up signs.

For interior signage, and particularly shop window signage, LED Light Pocket Acrylic Cable Displays are great value. These hanging signs are suspended from cables or attached directly to your glass. The acrylic plastic pocket holds printed marketing materials and is also available with or without LED lighting. These innovative signs are reusable.

This type of light-up sign is very popular with estate agents and travel companies. They are also perfect for Restaurants and Hairdressing Salons.

The clear acrylic pockets are designed as a slim line magnetic opening frame with glowing edges. A range of standard sizes are available, with single or double-sided capabilities.

halo glow shop fascia signs.

Illuminated shop signs use the same technology as signage for restaurants and bars. Modern LED lighting is available with RGB LED technology which means you have a choice of 16 million hue variations.

Blue is a creative media space located in the heart of MediaCity, Manchester. Around the corner is another building called Orange. We blended our sign-making skills with modern technology to create a Blue halo LED sign with strip lighting and an Orange halo illuminated sign for each building.

This style of 3D lettering signage with a halo glow can be adapted for retail, business, schools and hospitality industries. We love the challenge of translating your cutting edge brand and logo into a 3D illuminated sign.

Find out more about shop front signs and graphics.

Blue Tower halo lit illuminated sign for fascia business sign
blend coffee house lancashire illuminated business shop sign

backlit acrylic panels.

We supply a large range of dependable, quality LED signage and display lighting to UK customers. LED light sheet panels have a wide variety of applications for 2D backlit signage. The acrylic panels can be printed or have vinyl lettering and images applied.

The ability to choose from a range of styles, colours, and lighting effects can result in a unique and eye-catching sign that reflects the personality of your business. Flexible strip LEDs and Neon Flex LED systems create a seamless glow of uniform light.

Get in touch and let’s discuss what you have in mind for your business!

illuminated signs and graphics in action.

Illuminated signage at Blue Tower Manchester
Illuminated signage at Blue Tower Manchester Blue LED halo
Illuminated signage at Brainlabs London digital marketing agency
Your logo in lights
illuminated internal sign
Brighten up your signs
Illuminated signage at Kensington House Student Residences London. Front image
palatine private equity illuminated business signage
Illuminated signage at Broadhurst Optometrist
Tray letters back light for Places for People in Preston
Installing Signs on Commercial Buildings
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