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We’re a UK Sign shop, we make signs. We can design or translate any design into signage for your business.

Signage is crucial for your business because it represents your brand, helps to market your products, and communicates with your customers. A well-designed sign in the right location will drive sales, increase brand loyalty and attract potential customers. Only use signage makers that will set you apart from your competitors and there are many types of sign, each with a specific purpose. Quick link to our Shop front signs & fascias

It is essential to choose suitable types of signs for your business and this often depends on your business sector and location. In selecting the right images or logo, it is also necessary to think about letters, a colour scheme, size, visibility, and how signage styles can represent your core values. Quick link to our Retail Signage

Choosing business signage is a significant investment and sometimes daunting. Signs are a marketing tool which is only effective if people and customers can see and understand your message.

UK sign shop product types.

Signs for business hanging signs for the NHS

Why you need a well-designed sign.

Signage is any kind of visual display used to convey information. For example, informational business signs can help people make decisions, know how to act, or provide advice.

Signage plays a vital role in the United Kingdom’s visual landscape, serving as an effective means of communication for various purposes. Sign makers in the UK are skilled professionals who specialise in the design, fabrication, and installation of signs to meet the diverse needs of businesses, organisations, and public spaces.

external signage.

Business signs are often the first interaction that a potential customer has with a company. External business signs or shopfront signage usually represent the brand image. Most types of retail premises have a wall sign or a pole sign.

Sign makers will employ their expertise in various materials, including metal, wood, plastic, and glass, to craft high-quality signs that effectively convey messages and promote brands. They collaborate closely with clients to understand their specific requirements, ensuring that the signage aligns with their vision and brand identity.

Sign Makers UK
external signs outdoor signs

types of signage.

All types of boards for advertising can be divided into five primary groups:

  1. digital
  2. outdoor
  3. informational
  4. persuasive
  5. compliant signage

From exterior signs that enhance the visibility of businesses to interior signs that aid wayfinding, Lustalux is a UK sign maker that offer a wide range of services.

Case studies.

Just some of the clients who have made a statement with their directional signage from Lustalux.


Bespoke design for NHS Trust.

Hulton House.

Business Signs can use various forms of media to communicate with consumers. Types of signage can include monument signs, wayfinding signs, pole signs, and A-frame pavement boards.

why choose lustalux to install your signage and wall graphics.

Why not give Lustalux a call today on 01772 726622 and see how we can help brighten up your work space. We can work with either your own images and suggestions or we can design something completely bespoke and original.

other products and services you may be interested in.

Solar Control Window Film 2

UV Filtering Window Film

Ultra violet protection & Fade Reduction Films.
Solar Control Window Film 2

Privacy Window Film

One way vision or 24 Hour Privacy
Solar Control Window Film 2

Security & Safety Window Films

Conforming with building regulations
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design, production
& installation.

At Lustalux we like to oversee every aspect of your project, so we provide a full-service in-house experience: from design to production to installation. To ensure top quality across all areas.

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architectural film.

We can transform tired and outdated surfaces, both interior and exterior, with a choice of literally hundreds of architectural wrapping films. These advanced materials can replicate a myriad of finishes that are hardly discernible from the real thing. A host of surfaces can be uplifted and transformed at a fraction of the cost of replacement.

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We offer an extensive range of unique, made to measure signs for virtually any type of requirement. We will provide the means to brand and portray your business in the best light possible with a vast range of signage and branding solutions, making you stand out from the crowd.

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Our supporting specialities.

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professional window
film installation.

Window film is a thin laminate film that can be installed to the interior or exterior of glass in both commercial and residential buildings. The process of window film installation involves the use of a self-adhesive polyester film which is applied to the glass acting as a sunscreen, blocking harmful IR and UVB rays and regulating the levels of heat and light passing through it.

Window film can also be a cost effective retrofit solution for windows that need to be upgraded to meet today’s building codes and energy standards.

Available in a wide range of colours from clear to dark, reflective or non-reflective the film can also feature bespoke design elements such as your logos and company information.

Window film not only looks impressive, it can also offer you improved security and privacy. And with so many benefits on offer, it’s clear to see why window film installation is gaining in popularity

If you would like information on our window film installation service, get in touch now.

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window film.

With many commercial enterprises looking to reduce carbon emissions, being put under pressure to save money, and provide safe environments for workers, commercial window film is an ideal solution. Our range of extra strong safety films can help to mitigate some of the effects of bomb blasts or industrial explosions.

From a security point of view, privacy window film can also help to discourage break ins.

In terms of safety and comfort, window film can reduce heat gain by as much as 80% cutting your air conditioning running time and associated costs and UV radiation is cut by 99%.

At Lustalux we have extensive experience in window film installation throughout the UK and across a number of sectors including: education, construction, care homes, sports and leisure and facilities management, so whatever your needs are, we can help.

Visit our case studies for more information.

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window film.

The application of residential window film in your home will offer you protection from harmful UV rays helping to protect your skin and eyes from sun damage. It will also reduce the fading of your interior furnishings, carpets, artwork and other valuable belongings.

Privacy window film will provide additional privacy and security keeping your valuables out of sight and deterring burglars.

Available in a wide range of shades, window film will enhance the design of your home and help to improve your kerb appeal.

Take a look at our gallery and see for yourself.