Wall Murals & graphics.

How to stand out from your competitors

Commercial wall murals add character and lighten up what can be an otherwise dull space. Use them to display company values, mission statements, or other important information that can help to instil a sense of purpose and motivation among staff.

This can help to create a stronger sense of company culture and identity, which can lead to increased loyalty and productivity among your team. They can also act as a form of marketing by bringing attention to your brand. The use of graphics can create a more visually appealing and stimulating working environment.

We’ve had some great results in Schools and Colleges. The murals create a sense of cohesion and belonging among students and staff. By creating a visually stimulating environment, students can feel like they are part of a team and that their work is contributing to a larger goal. This can lead to increased motivation and productivity, as both staff and students feel more connected to the establishment and its mission.
Lancashire School Wall Mural Case Study

Wall graphics can be easily updated or changed as needed, making them a versatile and flexible option for any business or college.

wall murals in your business.

Pulse Media Mural at Uclan Preston University

Brand awareness.

If you think of restaurants like Costa, McDonalds, or Starbucks; they all use wall graphics in their décor.

You’ve probably noticed their vinyl wall coverings. Maybe you have office wall murals at work that show your corporate branding message.

These wall graphics help those brands to stand out from their competitors. It also lets a customer instantly recognise a business whenever they see it.

Ultimately, wall murals act as a form of visual marketing.

By using industry-relevant images and incorporating brand colours into the decoration, a business can showcase who they are and what they represent.

selfie backgrounds and branded photography backdrops.

How do you choose where you’re going to visit next? Whether it’s a hotel, restaurant, or any other type of business. You go based on recommendations from people you know, where your friends have been and how Insta-worthy the location is.

Social media users tag their location. As a result, their followers can see where they took their pictures and will know where to visit to get their own.

Having an incredible wall mural draws the attention of social media users, therefore, encouraging more customers to visit.

The result for you? More traffic through the door and more sales!

Modern kitchen with wall graphic splashback mural
Nursing Home Cafe Wall Graphics Eatwell plate

encourage social interation.

There’s no denying just how important social media is to the success of a business.

It’s the new form of word-of-mouth.

With influencers sharing their favourite places with their followers, and bad reviews “going viral,” social media has an impact like no other.

Do you have a wall which provides the perfect backdrop for a photo? This could have a wall mural installation. A striking large format image will get attention and this will add to the atmosphere within your venue.

make a great first impression.

The truth is that the décor of a shop, restaurant or facility can be as important, if not more so, than the products for sale and services you provide.

Before a customer buys from you, this is the first thing they are going to see. It’s probably what brought them in through the front door in the first place.

Members of the public are likely to choose the most attractive business around.

This is especially important if you are based in a city location where there is plenty of choice, lots of competition or you rely on passing trade.

No matter the business, would you choose to enter a building with paint falling off the walls or one with an appealing frontage?

Baines School Wall Graphic
Wall Murals in a school corridor

they are practical and affordable.

Wall graphics are an easy way to introduce some artwork into your business at an affordable price.

They don’t take up any space which also makes them a practical alternative to pieces of artwork such as sculptures.

Not only do they look great, but they are also easy to keep clean.

In any business with a high footfall of people, practically and value for money is going to be a key consideration.

why should I consider wall murals for my business?

There are so many benefits to using wall coverings in your business.

Not only do they make the space look nicer, but they are also incredibly useful in building brand awareness, creating an atmosphere that customers will love and helping you to stand out from your competitors, no matter what type of business you have.

Are you considering wall murals for your business? We can help you to create exactly what you need! Get in touch and tell us what you’re looking for

wall mural case studies.

Just some of the clients who have made a statement with their signage and Wall murals from Lustalux.

baines school.

bespoke design for NHS trust.

broadhurst opticians.

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