Conservatory or Orangery Solar Control Window Film

Want to know how to cool your Conservatory or Orangery?

Although popular, the downside of a Conservatory with a glass roof is that during the spring and summer months inside temperatures can soar to uncomfortable levels, not to mention the intense glare. Various solutions for this problem are available including replacing the conservatory roof with a tile-effect solid roof (which seems to defeat the object of a conservatory) or installing expensive air conditioning. Our solution is installing Solar Control Window Film..

Solar Control Window Film

This is a cost-effective solution for reducing solar heat gain and glare in any glass-roofed conservatory or orangery. The film is a polyester construction of laminated materials including metallic elements that will reflect away infrared (heat) and filter out UV light. When professionally applied to conservatory roof panels the film will perform in effect like sunglasses in reducing glare and at the same time keeping inside temperatures cooler and also protecting furnishings from sun damage. Outward vision is maintained and if you are overlooked by neighbours the film will give excellent daytime privacy.

Installation of Conservatory window film

A conservatory or orangery is a “must-have” for many homeowners. These structures provide extra room for the house while creating an additional light and airy living space to enjoy the outside while remaining inside. Installation takes less than a day depending on roof size but in the main most installations are achieved in the morning or afternoon. Generally, removal of furniture during installation is not necessary as our experienced installers can move things as they go. All we ask is that customers remove small ornaments and other items such as photographs so there is minimal disruption.


All our films are warranted by the manufacturer for a minimum of ten years against bubbling, cracking and discoloration giving you piece of mind that your investment gives long term benefits.

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