Glass Manifestation

​What is glass manifestation?

Glass manifestation is the means of literally making glass “seen before it is felt” and is usually carried out by adding self-adhesive vinyl markings or glass manifestation sticker designs to clear full-height glass screens or doors.

Glass manifestation regulations

The official regulations for glass manifestation are set out in two government documents which are Regulation 14 for ‘Windows and transparent doors, gates and walls of the Workplace (Health, Safety and Welfare) Regulations 1992, and in the HM Government Building Regulations, section K.

bespoke glass manifestation and graphics

Glass manifestation dots and designs

Ever walked into a patio door because you thought it was open, or seen someone collide with a full-height glass screen while gawping at their phone?

“Glass manifestation stickers, in either dot or design format, are designed to reduce the risk of injury.”

It may look like a scene from “You’ve been framed” and cause a degree of mirth for onlookers, not to mention complete embarrassment for the poor victim. However, in some cases, serious injury has been the outcome of such a mishap with the laughter emanating from a no-win no fee solicitor. As we all know, an accident isn’t just an accident these days and matters can escalate from being an unfortunate facial blemish to a full-blown personal injury claim.

Glass manifestation for the office

What type of manifestation do I need to install?

There are two main types of manifestation. The minimum requirement involves the application of a double row of geometric shapes, usually squares or circles of “etched effect” vinyl. These are often refereed to as glass manifestation dots.

Each row is applied at approximately 850mm and 1500mm from finished floor level to meet DDA (Disability Discrimination Act) standards. The lower row allowing for the sight line of shorter individuals and wheelchair users and the upper row for taller individuals. This basic requirement is usually adopted in “new builds” where the priority is often the passing of building standards for “handover”.

Privacy window film for internal office

Glass Manifestation Designs:

Secondly, for the more corporate or artistic and creative minded building occupants, glass manifestation film can be utilised to create unlimited designs using the same “etched effect” or utilising a full range of colours.

Corporate logos, striking designs, inspirational text and room names and numbers can be incorporated into the manifestation, giving the workplace or public building a vibrant look and at the same time ticking all the health and safety boxes.

Lustalux will design and manufacture within your brand guidelines to produce stunning manifestation installations that meet both regulatory requirements and style.