Reeded Glass Film suppliers

We Supply and Fit Reeded Glass Film in the UK 

The popularity of reeded glass film has increased rapidly in the last few years.

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Looking for an online supplier of Reeded Glass Window Film for DIY?
Our sister company Lustalux at Home offers a supply-only service with mail-order UK delivery. Notice the link above or click ‘buy online’ at the top.

What is Reeded Glass?

Sometimes called Fluted glass, this is a textured stripe finish moulded into the glass surface. Multiple flutes are side-by-side with a common 1/2-inch or 1/4-inch spacing. The pattern bends light as it passes through the glass and this obscures your vision.

Why is Reeded glass texture so popular?

With the continued proliferation of interior and exterior design and television show coverage, we are seeing a growing demand for our retro and contemporary style designs of vinyl window film.

Lustalux LTD has 30 years of commercial window film supply and fit experience. We service most of the UK from our hubs in Lancashire, Manchester, Coventry, London and Falkirk.

Glass manifestation for the office

The history of ribbed or reeded glass

Reeded glass has in recent years come back into vogue in both residential and commercial scenarios. Originally popular in buildings dating back to the 1930’s to provide privacy through glazed areas yet allowing a high level of light ingress.

Textured Glass Trends 2022

The popularity of this type of “retro” feel has soared in recent times creating a demand for reeded glass or our retrofitted reeded glass window films. Our adhesive film can be installed on existing glazing for mood creation, as reeded manifestation to make glass visible or purely to provide an element of privacy through glazed doors or screens and partitions.

Who makes Reeded Glass?

The glass effect is still being manufactured by firms such as Pilkington reeded glass but a cheaper alternative to replacing your glazing units is reeded acrylic or vinyl made by 3M and a selection of other quality assured Lustalux sources.

bespoke glass manifestation and graphics

No need to replace the clear glass

The installation of retro fitted window film eliminates the potential down time and mess caused by replacing glass and can be professionally and quickly applied to any type of smooth glass.

Media City – Manchester

Lustalux LTD recently completed a large scale installation of reeded window film to an office at the Media City in Manchester.

Commercial Partner or Home DIY

B2B commercial supply and fitting is our strength but we also supply reeded glass film to DIY home users via ‘Lustalux at Home’. Options are endless; internal doors, windows, shower screens, cabinets, utility sliding doors, mirrors, cupboards, external doors and bedside units.

We have both DIY and fully installed options for our reeded window film so why not give us a call to explore the possibilities?

Check out some Reeded Glass Film design ideas below.

For any type of window film design, Lustalux has the designers and the ability to produce bespoke designs of any type, ranging from art deco style to modern contemporary. We are also currently working with interior designers to produce films with designs to match furnishings such as wallpaper, cushions and bedding for a totally bespoke feel to any home.

Reeded Glass Designs.

Reeded Film used on a Kitchen larder door to create a contemporary style

With the Kitchen doors closed the window film obscures the view of larder items.

Internal doors can use our ribbed window film to create a period look with modern style.

Traditional internal doors with half-lights can quickly be upgraded with privacy.

This full length sliding glass partition looks fab.

We work with bespoke Kitchen designers to create stunning glazing effects.

The ribbed film gives this Kitchen cupboard door a sense of luxury.

Any glazed surface can benefit from reeded acrylic.

Reeded Glass Cabinet

Window films give privacy and can increase security.

Bathrooms are very much a traditional use of Privacy frosting and Opaque glass.

Black reeded glass wall cabinet made from a standard cupboard with our film added to create the desired look.