Wall Paper vs Wall Murals

Published: 27 January 2022

What’s The Difference Between Wall Murals And Wall Paper?

Aren’t they the same thing?
Actually, no. They’re not.
While most people are familiar with wallpaper, you may not know much about wall murals.
Both are used to decorate a space in accordance with your interior design ideas for that room.
There are, however, some subtle differences between the two that will impact upon which one you choose.

Wall Murals for Dementia Patients

Wall Murals Are Designed To Fit Your Space

With a wall mural, you can create a design that is custom-made to fit in the space you have. They are printed on demand in accordance with the dimensions of your wall. The result is a piece of artwork that fits perfectly.
With wallpaper, you’re often left trimming the paper during application to make it fit. This can be a pain if your wall space isn’t evenly shaped. You’re also often left guessing as to how much you need.
You may find yourself going to the shop halfway through for another roll!

Utilise the wasted space of a stairwell with a wall mural

The Application And Removal Process Is Different

Removing wallpaper can be a real pain.
Depending on how long it has been on the wall, it can take days to remove properly and it’s lots of hard work.
In contrast, wall murals are incredibly easy to remove and can often be taken down in one go.
There’s no need to spend your time scraping or steaming and no risk of damaged walls as a result.

Chose a design for your wall

Murals are modern, customisable, and popular

Wallpaper is usually a non-customisable product that you buy from a store.
Many people associate it with those big 70s prints or woodchip that feels like it becomes part of the structural makeup of the building.
It’s come a long way in the last decade, however, and can now truly transform a space. There are some incredible designs available and something to suit every taste; although, you’re often still limited by the pre-made options available.
Wall murals, on the other hand, are fully customisable in accordance with your design needs.
You can include your business’s name or logo, incorporate your brand colours, and even use your own photographs or artwork in the design.
Whatever you choose to create, it will be a real conversation piece for anyone who gets to see it.

Bewildering wall mural

The Materials Used Are Different

Wallpaper is traditionally made from materials like paper, wood, foil, vinyl-coated paper, and other woven materials.
Some of these materials can be bad for the environment, especially when applied with wallpaper paste.
They are also difficult to apply and remove, and don’t always last very long before they start to peel.
It’s fair to say that wallpaper has gone through a lot of improvements to the modern-day equivalent being much easier to work with and more eco-friendly.
How long a wallpaper, or wall mural lasts, will usually depend on how it is maintained.
Wall murals can be made up of materials like vinyl, canvas, window and architectural film. These materials can offer an eco-friendlier, longer-lasting alternative.

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Where Do You Use Them Both?

Wallpaper has always been associated with the home.
Feature walls have been incredibly popular over the years and patterned wallpaper can create a very atmospheric space.
Murals, on the other hand, are more traditionally associated with public spaces such as offices, restaurants, and shops.
That doesn’t mean you can’t have a wall mural at home, however.
In fact, they’re becoming ever more popular due to their endless design options and their ability to be adapted completely to your needs.

Interested In A Wall Mural Of Your Own?

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We can design something that’s exactly what you have in mind.