Which Privacy window film is best?

Windows are an essential element for human comfort. The downside to this is that while we can see out, people can see in. Homes close to public byways can be like goldfish bowls and commercial buildings can be vulnerable to unwanted prying eyes where expensive equipment or sensitive data is on public display. So, what are the options to add privacy to windows?

window with curtains for privacy
blinds add privacy to clear glass windows

Window blinds and curtains have always been the go-to solution for providing privacy. Both are a valid solution and can look stylish and homely however maintenance can be an issue. Blinds are notorious for breaking or jamming due to wear and tear, especially in offices or in schools. Curtains are fine in a residential setting but impractical in commercial and educational situations and both quickly collect dust and dirt and require removing for cleaning at some point IF that is, they are actually cleanable.

A closed blind or curtain will provide 24 hour privacy however during the day most people prefer to be able to look out occasionally. No one wants to feel hemmed in which is a major consideration when thinking about mental health in the workplace. The ideal solution would be something to give you daytime outward vision and internal privacy, protection from heat, glare and UV all with minimal maintenance and at least ten years of serviceable use. The answer is of course window film.

glass privacy for large modern glazed gable-ends

Reflective window film will tick all the above boxes with one exception, that being night-time privacy which we will come to shortly. Reflective film which is classed as a Solar Control Film but has the added benefit of being difficult to see in through during the day. Perfect for all the previously mentioned locations, allowing light in and allowing vision out. Unfortunately, when it’s dark outside this is not the case – if only!

Frosted Film with clear cut out design

For anyone insisting on 24 hour privacy using window film, all is not lost though. We can offer an extensive range of frosted films that can provide total privacy or with the added feature of having patterns and designs cut into the film. These films will allow partial vision out day and night and while they are not totally private will make it more difficult for anyone wanting to see in through a window.

In summary, for practical efficiency and functionality, window film is the cost effective solution for a combination of most window related situations. Windows within most buildings are an essential feature. Without them we would have no natural light and would therefore waste energy in providing artificial light to enable us to work, rest or play, even during daylight hours.

A comparison of window film and blinds