Window Film vs Blinds

Published: 27 January 2022

Sunshine is nice. And in the UK, it feels rare to get it. But when we do, we need to take steps to keep cool and protect ourselves.

Modern buildings are designed to incorporate more glass. And it’s easy to see why. It allows natural light in and creates an open, airy visual effect. But this can turn these lovely buildings into giant greenhouses, which leads to major glare issues and trapping of solar heat.

So, what’s the solution? Cover the whole place in gigantic curtains? How about some blinds?

Let’s consider some points.

Protect your family and funiture

Sun protection

UV (or ultraviolet) light rays are a form of radiation that aren’t visible to the human eye. Overexposure is dangerous and can cause serious damage to the skin, from accelerated aging to DNA damage.

Window film actually creates a barrier between you and the sun. This means you can enjoy the light without putting yourself at risk.

Many blinds do not block UV rays effectively and will require replacing after prolonged sun exposure due to fading and/or cracking.

Protect your family and funiture


Window Film renders windows more durable, so if the glass is broken it helps to keep the glass intact. This prevents broken pieces from entering the building and/or causing injury.

Protect your family and funiture

Energy efficiency

Windows play a large role in the cost of your energy bills. It’s easy to lose heat in the winter and hard to repel it in the summer. Blinds and curtains can be effective at deflecting heat and blocking sunlight if closed completely. But in some cases, they absorb solar heat which can leak into the room. Window film can block a large percentage by reflecting it away from the building. It also contains insulation properties, which is a great way to boost both energy and cost efficiency.

Solar Control Window Film for commercial buildings

It reduces solar glare

Granted, shutters and curtains can prevent this by simply closing them.

But this means more interior lighting is required, therefore upping energy usage and costs.

Window film actually prevents excessive light from entering without blocking the view.

Add some reflective class to your building


Most companies and/or homeowners require a certain level of privacy.

Curtains and blinds will prevent onlookers but blocks out natural sunlight which is important for your mental wellbeing.

The reflective nature of window film allows you to experience outdoor views, while preventing onlookers from peering inside.

Making a decision between window film versus more traditional choices like blinds and curtains can be a tough one. However, when we compare the options, it’s apparent that window film is the superior choice.