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Using Window Film for Privacy.

Privacy window film.

Privacy window film is an excellent alternative to net curtains or window blinds. When the retention of natural light is of paramount importance yet providing a high level of privacy, window film is the perfect solution. Available in numerous finishes and designs, privacy film is a clean, contemporary easy fix answer for most types of windows.

“Self-adhesive and easy to install, privacy window film can quickly turn your clear glass into a pleasing feature.”

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Frosted Window Film is a very effective way to provide round the clock privacy. With the frosted, etched or sand blast appearance both inward and outward vision can be obscured simply and quickly. Maintenance is extremely minimal and there is no noticeable loss of natural light through your windows. In the case of sash windows, a popular practice is to apply the film to the lower sash thereby still allowing vison out through the upper sash but preventing prying eyes through the lower sash – ideal if your windows are close to a pavement or public right of way.

frosted bathroom window film
Privacy Mirrored Window Film Silver 20


One Way Privacy Film is a reflective or “mirror” film designed to deal with the effects of solar heat and glare and is commonly known as solar control window film. Depending on the density of the mirrored window film you chose, combined with internal and external light levels and times of day, this film will provide excellent daytime privacy. This effect is largely reversed when it is dark outside, and the lights are on inside.

The added benefit of the mirrored solar films is that they provide excellent heat and glare reduction as well as filtering out over 99% of UV which is the primary cause of fade damage to furnishings and artefacts.



We can provide you with bespoke names and numbers in both plain etch effect and a host of colours to make your home stand out from the crowd. With our range of contemporary and traditional designs you can make the entrance of your home both private and stylish. This film can be applied to glazing units in your door or the window light above your door.


Plain house number window light window film with square number surround
Frosted window film for bathroom privacy


Obviously, your bathroom, shower room or toilet needs to be private and again we can provide the perfect solution. All our films are water resistant so won’t be affected by damp or condensation. You can personalise your designs to suit which ever room you choose to give your windows the personal touch.


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Frosted, Patterned, Mirrored and much more to choose from..

Some of our window films have dual usage. We offer a frosted security film that has both Privacy and Safety properties. Our tinted window films offer a combination of Privacy and reduce solar glare and even UV protection.

Is Window Film difficult to apply?

Privacy film is simple to install with the correct tools. No need to worry about creases and bubbles when following the instructions and using a water and soap solution as the film will literally float onto the glass.

How to apply Window Film

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