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Frosted Window Film.

Our frosted window film is perfect where total privacy is required but it doesn't have to be boring.

We have printed frosted designs and coloured or patterned frosted film. We cut our window film to suit your measurements, we could even cut out your own bespoke design.

Frosted window film is mounted on the inside surface of your glass and offers both privacy and decoration to meet all your design requirements.

The key benefit of frosted window film is the 100% day and night privacy without loss of daylight during the day.


Plain Frosted Window Film

Designed for privacy or to hide an unattractive view.

White frosted bathroom window film in a white bathroom with frosted windows

White Frosted Bathroom Film

Our White Frosted Window Film is ideal where privacy is essential

Frosted Safety Film

Frosted Safety Window Film

Window Film designed to provide glass safety and privacy.

Patterned Frosted Window Film

Patterns and decorative designs on frosted window film.

Animals Printed Window Film

Printed Frosted Window Film

Stunning designs printed onto our frosted film. A modern alternative to curtains or blinds.

Frosted Design Window Film

Stylish flourishes for your window

24H Privacy With Little loss of Natural Light

Frosted Window Film is a very effective way to provide round the clock privacy. With the frosted, etched or sand blast appearance both inward and outward vision can be obscured simply and quickly. Maintenance is extremely minimal and there is no noticeable loss of natural light through your windows. In the case of sash windows, a popular practice is to apply the film to the lower sash thereby still allowing vison out through the upper sash but preventing prying eyes through the lower sash – ideal if your windows are close to a pavement or public right of way.

frosted window film for bathrooms

The unique light and privacy properties of the frosted film make it ideal for bathroom windows and cloakroom toilets. Choose plain or add an extra level of design with a pattern or centrepiece graphic that compliments the rest of your theme.

wide range of frosted products

Plain frosted window film: This type of film is the most common and has a clear blurred appearance similar to traditional sandblasted or acid-etched glass.

White frosted window film: With a higher level of opacity this window film appears almost white but still lets through high amounts of light. Privacy is slightly higher than plain frosted film.

Pattern frosted window film: We use clear vinyl for the base of our pattern window films. The frosted areas of a pattern design offer 100% privacy and the clear areas provide partial privacy from the slight mottling of the clear vinyl.

Centrepiece designs: We offer a range of graphics printed in the centre of the frosted panel. You provide the dimensions of your glass window and we center the image and scale it to suit. If you choose a clear image design, the image will be an area that has partial transparency obscured by the mottling of the vinyl substrate. Coloured designs are not transparent and are surrounded by our standard plain frosted film.


heritage designs for period properties

Heritage patterned window film uses traditional glass patterns as inspiration for a range of frosted designs printed onto a clear base vinyl. the clear base is mottled and offers some privacy. View our heritage patterned category for a collection of wonderful privacy designs that will kick-start your period masterpiece.


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