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Clear UV Protection Window Film

Our Clear UV Window Film removes 99.9% of UV light whilst remaining completely clear. UV protection film prevents harmful sun rays and solar energy. This film is available cut to length. A Sample is available for this Product

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All orders are sent with a FREE offcut piece of similar window film.

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Our UV protection and UV Control Window Film blocks 99.9% of any UV light and stops the fading of furnishings, wooden floors, artwork and photos. Our UV Protection Window Film is clear and doesn't stop any natural sunlight. UV Window Film is great for people who suffer from medical conditions for sunlight. UV Control Window Film is available cut to the metre and your own custom size using the 'additional requirements' section.


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How to Guide

When installing window film, patience and preparation will serve you well.

First Steps:

Preparing the glass is a vital part of the process. In a spray bottle, mix clean water with a few droplets of washing ups liquid. Spray the glass and thoroughly clean it, paying close attention to the edges. If there are any specks of dirt or paint, use a small scraper to remove them.

The Film:

Unless your film has been pre-cut to the exact glass size, measure your glass at the top and bottom to ensure accuracy. Lay your film flat and cut it to your required size. If you prefer you can cut the film over size and trim on the glass.

The principles of handling film are the much the same no matter what kind of film you are using. Once you are happy with the size of your piece of film, lay it on a clean surface and slowly remove the clear liner. Get someone to help you if it makes it easier.

Spray the adhesive surface of the film and the glass window surface with more of your soap mix then hang the film to the glass. The two wetted surfaces will not immediately stick and some adjustment is possible.


Once you are happy with the positioning of your film, liberally spray the surface of the film. This will act as a lubricant for your squeegee or felt edged tool.

Starting in the centre at the top edge and using firm pressure, push the water out from behind the film towards the side edge, then repeat in the opposite direction. Then from the centre of the top edge push the water down towards the bottom edge so you have a ’T’. Your film should now be securely in place.

If you are applying a solar or safety film, apply as much pressure as possible to remove the water. You may need a specialist squeegee for this process.

Starting at the top and working down to the bottom, push all the water out towards the edges. Repeat on the other side.

Run a credit card and a sharp craft knife down each edge and across the bottom to trim off any excess film. The thickness of the card will allow for a small gap for any excess liquid to be squeegee’d out. Once the film has been trimmed, wet the surface and run the squeegee over again using the same technique as before.

Final Checks:

After the film has been applied, dry every edge and the surface with a paper towel. Be thorough and careful, especially in the corners. Make sure all the water, or as much as possible, has been removed from behind the film.

Check your installation from both sides of the glass. Often something will not reveal itself unless viewed from a different perspective, especially with reflective films.

If you notice small bubbles that start to appear after all the water seemed to have gone, this is perfectly natural and part of a ‘curing process’.

Finally, stand back and admire your work. We would love to see how you did, tag us in your post on social media at @Lustaluxathome.

After Care

Visit our dedicated After Care Instructions page for details.