naturalhealingUsing Safety window film for glass breakage protection

Using Safety window film

Safety Window Film

Safety film comes in a varying range of gauges (thicknesses) depending on what it is required for. For the home the standard product is a clear 100 micron  safety film designed to hold glass together in the event of accidental breakage. Once applied the window safety  film is barely detectable on the glass, being totally optically clear. In the event of accidental (or deliberate) breakage the glass will hold together in one piece preventing injury on impact or by flying shards especially critical where children are around.

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Security Window Film

For more robust solutions Safety Window Film sometimes referred to as Security Film or Anti-Bandit film is available in a range of thicknesses. These films are more than double the thickness of the standard Safety Film to help withstand or slow down forced entry, vandalism and even bomb blast. Since the early 1980’s Safety Film has been installed onto the windows of literally hundreds of public and private building in the UK and Europe to protect against the treat of terrorist attack. Again designed to prevent flying glass causing damage to people and property.

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shatterproof glass window film

The application of security window film to glass and door glazing also offers the added benefit of protecting your establishment from vandals and thieves.