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Window Film.

our window film products.

We offer a huge range of standard and custom window films with mail order and cutting service. We cater for commercial business contracts and large installations too. (see the commercial installation link in the menu above).

White frosted bathroom window film in a white bathroom with frosted windows

Frosted Window Film

Designed for privacy or to hide an unattractive view.

Frosted Window Film.

This provides complete privacy without loss of light. We have a choice of plain or white frosted film and this can be customised with a partial clear pattern or full colour printed design.

Frosted Window Film

Privacy Window Film.

Many of our window films offer privacy. The common privacy window films are mirrored, tinted and frosted. Reeded window film has become very popular recently.

Privacy Window Film

Privacy Window Film

A contemporary alternative to curtains or blinds.

Privacy Mirrored Window Film Silver 20

Mirrored Window Film

Window Film with a reflective finish. ideal if day time privacy is required.

Mirrored Window Film.

The famous one-way mirrored window film offers the ‘see out but not in’ privacy but this requires the outside to be lighter than the inside. Essentially, mirrored window film does not offer privacy at night.

Mirrored Window Film

House Number Window Film.

We offer a range of house number window sticker designs in traditional and contemporary designs. These are available in rectangular and semi-circular shapes. Semi circle house number windows are known as fanlights and rectangular house number windows are known as top lights. Some people call the window above your front door a transom window.

House Number Window Sticker Film

Animals Printed Window Film

House Names & Numbers

Extensive selection of designs

Blackout Window Film

Safety & Security Window Film

Hold it together in the event of deliberate or accidental breakage

Safety Window Film.

This window film comes in a range of thicknesses and the thicker films are usually stronger. Because the safety window film is paper thin, a special film thickness measurement is used called a micron. Safety film can help reduce the damage from criminal activity or protect daily users from the risk of flying glass, should an incident occur.

Safety Window Film

Solar Control Window Film.

Sunlight can cause numerous issues in the home or office. These can be an increase in thermal heat, UV damage or too much light. A good quality Solar window film will block UV rays, reflect some of the light and help absorb heat.

Solar Control Window Film

Solar Control Window Film

Highly effective solution to reduce glare and managing room temperature.