Oil Refinery Gets Blast Protection Upgrade for 2016

We were first approached in 2004 by a major Facilities Management Company to carry out what at the time was one of our largest ever projects. The former Shell oil refinery at Stanlow, Cheshire needed to protect personnel working in their main administration block from injury from broken glass in the event of an explosion.

Because of the very nature of the site and for obvious reasons, safeguards have to be put in place for the unexpected. A petro-chemical blast can be every bit as devastating as a bomb explosion so this called for the installation of a specialist Blast Mitigation Film. Lustalux duly obliged by installing a mixture of 200-micron clear safety film and 200-micron combination solar control window film. In addition to this, we also installed a “catch bar” system involving cleats bolted to the window frames which were connected by strong marine ropes spanning each pane of glass. These would act as extra protection, as a sheet of glass with film applied and subjected to a blast could potentially be an extremely dangerous flying object.