Reducing Heat, Glare & Cooling Costs With Externally Applied Solar Film

Lustalux has been a long-standing market leader in the supply and installation of Solar Control Window Film. In recent years due to the advancement window film manufacturing technology resulting in longer warranties, more film than ever is being installed to the external face of glass.

We were contacted early in 2018 by one of our FM clients managing premises for one of the UK’s largest high profile insurance companies. The company was experiencing extreme solar gain issues through their south-facing glazing of one of their buildings thus impacting significantly on interior comfort and on cooling costs.

Something had to be done and Lustalux came to the rescue with Solar Gard Sentinel Silver 20 external grade solar control window film. Successful trials were initially carried out to demonstrate to the end client that the film would indeed solve their solar gain issues followed by the full installation.

The work took place during our recent long hot summer and it took around three weeks to complete the 1100m2 installation.

The film was installed using powered access by one of our IPAF accredited installation teams.