Home Comforts With Window Film

Following COVID 19 lockdown many of our window film installations have been in residential environments, especially conservatories and orangeries. Social distancing by our operatives has been achieved by gaining entry directly into the structures without actually entering the house or coming into direct contact with residents.

The weather during the crisis has been extremely good with one of the warmest springs on record. Something we were all thankful for during these otherwise difficult times. The downside to that for homeowners is how increased temperatures often render rooms uncomfortable due to solar heat gain and glare. Thankfully Lustalux has a range of window films developed to deal with such issues.

One recent task we were given was to deal with solar gain in a conservatory in the picturesque village of Witherslack in Cumbria. Not only did our customer wish to combat heat and glare through the roof panels but also around the vertical side windows of the conservatory. To achieve this we installed a highly reflective silver film to the roof and a more subtle neutral external film to the sides.