Pride In Our Preston Heritage - Case Study

As a company we work all over across the UK however it is always nice to be involved in projects on our own doorstep. Our home city of Preston boasts a fine architectural heritage and in recent times we have been called upon to work in some of its finest.

Opened in 1893 the Harris Museum is a grade one listed edifice in the city centre. The museum contacted us back in 2015 and asked us to solve a potential problem they had where some of their priceless artefacts were in danger of being damaged by UV and Infra-Red rays through glazed skylights. We solved the issue by installing some of our external grade solar control window films to the glazing in question. The film installed, Sentinel Stainless Steel 15 provides 99% UV reduction and over 60% heat gain reduction.

Solar Control Window Film is the most cost-effective method of dealing with the full spectrum of UV (light) and Infra-Red (Heat) through glazing.