Here at Lustalux, we’ve been helping the sports and leisure industry since 1991.

So it goes without saying that we’ve worked with many health and fitness facilities in our time with their window film, graphics and signage needs.

It’s been our mission to support organisations of all sizes across the UK, in creating safe and healthy environments for both employees and visitors.

Whether its preventing injury from glass breakage, reducing heat gain and glare through the windows, or simply revamping the gym walls with new branding; our experts know first-hand how to create the ultimate sports gym that will leave everyone walking out the doors not only super pumped, but super impressed!

If you manage a sports facility and are looking to revamp the complex to increase visitor numbers, or you’re responsible for building a new amenity, we’ve put together this expert guide to help you design the best sports gym in your area. Because contrary to belief, designing a fitness facility takes more than just laying out some equipment…

 1. Venue Suitability, Size & Layout


Depending on the type of gym you are running, bear in mind the size and floor space of the site.

For example, is the ceiling high enough to fit a rig and power rack, for users doing pull-ups above it? Is the gym flooring suitable for heavy weight being dropped on it on a daily basis? Is the size of the site big enough for future expansion opportunities? Is the layout complementing the customer journey? Does the space make it easy for collaboration with trainers and gym buddies? How are you facilitating noise management? What are your electrical requirements and where are your power outlets?

All these questions need to be considered carefully at the very early design stage. Try not to fill the whole room with as much equipment as possible; allocate some floor space for training zones and where trainers/visitors can interact.

2. Security


Too often gym managers spend so much time and resources in purchasing the right equipment that they fail to realise how important it is to secure such costly investments.

Unless your gym is manned 24/7, 365 days of the year, you will need adequate security for when the facility is closed.

Is your equipment on full display through clear glass windows? One way mirrored window film is the ideal solution for privacy and security. It allows your visitors to be able to see out clearly but inward vision is obscured, protecting the equipment from prying eyes.

3. Graphics


Get your brand across and create a strong presence throughout the gym with vinyl graphics. They can be installed on the walls, windows, mirrors and even company vehicles for the staff. Whether it’s just your logo, company name or slogan, turn the blank walls and screens into a branded work of art.

Alternatively, inject some big and bold motivational quotes on the walls to create an exciting space that will leave visitors feeling inspired. Ensure you consider the font type, size, readability and colours before designing your artwork.

Why not print a stunning vinyl graphic and mural of famous athletes such as Austrian-American former professional bodybuilder Arnold Schwarzenegger; or cyclists Sir Bradley Wiggins and four-time Olympic gold medallist Laura Kenny by the exercise bikes?

There are a plethora of British rowers, runners and swimmers that you could use to positively influence the users of your gym.

4. Lighting


There are various ways to light a gym. Some argue they should be light and airy, others claim there is a growing trend to create dark, nightclub-style workout spaces. Whether you opt for a moody decor or a bright space, remember some areas will need brighter levels of light e.g. weight lifting area for safety purposes.

If there is a space in which people are spending a considerable time lying down on their backs looking up at the ceiling, low brightness will be required to reduce glare. Other areas, such as where spin classes take place, can be all lights, music and action!

5. Dealing with Heat, Glare & Cooling Costs


How off-putting is it for your gym users to have glare issues from sunlight through the windows? Or if the space becomes extremely overheated on warm days with so much machinery in use? Does your air conditioning systems cost a fortune to run during the summer months?

Solar control window film can be used for solar heat gain, glare and energy saving. Remember that an overheated space can not only cause discomfort but heat damage too.

6. Embrace Technology


Data has become a powerful concept in today’s society thus fully integrated software and systems has become the expectation for many users.

Allowing visitors to use and access their favourite apps, as well as pull data from third parties is key. Embrace technology with big screen televisions, audio link to equipment, as well as heart rate monitoring systems.

Investing in such equipment is costly however, your member’s happiness will increase and it will position your brand as a modern, attractive facility to join.

Consider where the speakers are located, at what volume they play at and what type of music you want to play in the various spaces.

7. Equipment


It goes without saying that your gym needs to have the very best and latest equipment, as well as technology.

There are some pieces of equipment that are essential for every gym and others that are a nicety. Here’s a list of 30 Essential Pieces of Equipment that every gym should have.


So there you have it, 7 top tips for designing the ultimate sports gym. You want your visitors to enjoy every aspect of your facility, so create a space where they’ll WANT to spend their free time not simply see it as an expense that they dread going to.

If you work in the sport and leisure industry, Lustalux are the first and last place to go for all your window film, graphics and signage needs. Check out our latest projects for inspiration on our Case Studies or Get in Touch for a competitive quote.