How to Cool a Conservatory

We’ve created some helpful Questions and Answers to guide you through the process of cooling your conservatory.


Q: Does conservatory cooling film work?

Yes, the cooling film reflects harmful rays and absorbs some of the suns energy

Q: What is the best way to keep a conservatory cool?

The application of a reflective window film combined with ventilation and a hard floor will all help.

Q: How do you cool a conservatory in heatwave?

Reduce the heating effect of sunlight by blocking or reflecting them. Solar window film will help.

Q: Is there a window film that reduces heat?

The window film recommended for Conservatories is called Solar Film. Basic mirrored or tinted film is not good enough.

Q: Does conservatory roof film work?

In our experience the Solar window films work better than treated glass and offer noticeable cooling results

Q: What can I put on my conservatory roof to stop the sun?

You can replace your clear conservatory roof for a solid, insulated material but it’s much cheaper to apply Solar window film to the glass or polycarbonate.

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Q: Does window film work on conservatories?

Window film is great for conservatories but avoid basic tinted and mirrored films as they won’t offer the results that specialist Solar Film has.

Q: Can I tint my conservatory roof?

Tinting will reduce glare from the sun but will not have the same blocking and cooling ability as Solar Film

Q: What is the cheapest way to cover a conservatory roof?

Probably an old bedsheet but in reality this is not what you want. Solar Film is much cheaper than replacing the roof with a solid, insulated system.

Q: What can I put on my roof to reflect the sun?

Solar Window Film is the best solution for dealing with heat caused by the suns rays.

Q: How can I reduce the heat in my conservatory?

Reduce the amount of sunlight entering the room and increase the airflow with ventilation from a fan or open window.

Q: Why is my conservatory so hot?

Heat from the sun passes through glass by the process of radiation and conduction. When the outside of the window is warmed from the sun’s radiation, heat will be transferred by conduction and the glass will act as a radiator. Light absorbed by flooring and furniture will create heat and this will be radiated into the room.

Q: How do you cool down a polycarbonate roof?

It’s possible to cool a roof with water from a hose. Ideally you will want to reduce the sun’s heating effect by installing Solar Film to reflect the sunlight and reduce heating.

Q: Are modern conservatories too hot?

Modern conservatories often have solid insulated roofs and treated glass that help reduce the sun’s effect. From experience, our Solar Films perform much better than treated glass like Blue self-cleaning glass.

Q: How can I make my conservatory cooler in summer?

Plan ahead and reduce the sun’s ability to transfer it’s energy through the glass with Solar Film or blinds. Open a window to create airflow early in the day. It’s easier to slow the heating of the conservatory than to cool it down from hot.

Q: Can a conservatory get too hot?

Most people find 21-24 degrees Celsius to be an ideal temperature . Some people may enjoy higher temperatures, such as 30 degrees. Recently the UK recorded 40 degrees and this is dangerous because it is higher than the average human body temperature of 36.5 degrees.

Q: How can window film make my conservatory more comfortable on warm days?

With one of our dual reflective films applied to your conservatory roof panels, heat gain is reduced by over 60%, glare by up to 95% and UV by 99%. This will allow you to enjoy your room when normally it would be to hot or the glare too intense.

Q: Will applying window film to my roof panels obscure my view out?

Not at all. During the day you will still be able to look up at the sky just as clearly as before the film was applied.

Q: I have south facing bi-fold doors on my house and not only do we get very warm, I’m worried that furnishings are starting to fade. Can your film help?

Absolutely. The film will reduce the heat and reduce the risk of fading protecting flooring, soft furnishings and artwork.

Q: I don’t really like the mirrored films and want as subtle a look as possible to my windows. What are my alternatives?

No problem. With our range of “neutral” films which are less mirrored in appearance we can still provide excellent heat gain reduction with minimal impact to the external aesthetics of your home.

Q: Is the film easy to clean and how long will it last?

You can treat your filmed windows like normal glass. We recommend cleaning with warm soapy water and a squeegee but alternatively a soft cloth is fine. All we advise is that you avoid using abrasives. All our films are warrantied for up to ten years but we have seen examples where they have lasted even longer than that.

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