Whatever type of signage you’re looking for, there are certain processes in place that ensure the end product is the one you truly desired.

Whether you’re looking for interior or exterior signage, or signage for a business, shop or restaurant, there are common errors that can come about if you haven’t sought an expert and their advice.

We’ve been designing and installing signage for over 20 years now, so it’s fair to say we know a thing or two about it and how to deliver the job efficiently, quickly and to a high standard.

So we’re going to share with you the top 8 mistakes that companies typically make; so you can make sure you AVOID them at all cost. Trust us- there’s a lot more to signs that what meets the eye!

1. Brand consistency

It’s important your brand’s look, logo and message are consistent across all marketing material.

Having disparities between them can dilute your brand’s positioning, so make sure the business’s name and brand guidelines are the same across all channels including online and offline e.g. social media, brochures, website, signage and vehicle & wall graphics.

Take a second and think- wherever your target customer is, will they know exactly what you do?

                                                           Brand Consistency- Lustalux

2. Lack of contrast

Can you understand and read the writing? Make sure the font type and colour distinctly contrast to the background colour to make the sign clearly visible from afar.  For example:

                                                         Lack of contrast

3. Poor spacing


4. Unbranded Materials

Here at Lustalux, we only use high quality branded materials whereas some companies will use inferior unbranded materials. This means the sign may appear the same initially but over time will deteriorate and not last as long.

Be sure to plan out the spacing ahead of time. One of the common mistakes people make is not measuring first. A sign that runs out of room at the end or whereby the letters get closer together, simply showcase unprofessionalism and lack of attention to detail.

Please note some letter combinations need to be closer together and make sure there is a balance amount of space around the letters to the size of the sign.

5. Hard to read font

                                                         Hard to read font

It’s a simple fact that some fonts are hard to read on signs. Brand consistency is key with regards to your brand guidelines, however, a font used on a sign needs to be legible which is why classic fonts are often the best choice e.g. Helvetica, Arial and Highway Gothic.

Fancy, elegant fonts may connote premium and superior, but they will be unreadable.  

6. Less is more

You can be forgiven for trying to put everything on your sign. But as the saying goes, less is often more.

You will have less than 10 seconds in which you’ll need to grab your target’s attention. The sign needs to incite their interest, but if they’re spending the first five seconds trying to decipher what it really is that you do, you’ll lose their focus.

All these are good examples where simplicity is evident:

                                       Kensington House Student Residence     

                                        Broadhurst Optometrists

                                        The Ferret


7. Poor Letter Visibility

There is a general rule about letter height to viewing distance as shown in the chart below:

                                              Lustalux Lettering Visibility Chart

8. Located inappropriately

Location is key.

Where you install the sign will impact its readability and visitor’s awareness depending on its height.

For example, you may install the sign somewhere that is completely blocked in the summer by a tree once it comes into bloom.

Think carefully about where the sign will be viewed.

So there you have it- the top 8 mistakes that businesses make when it comes to Signage. Remember, you’ve made huge investments in your company’s website, it’s branding and driving people to it through marketing.

Make sure you give the same level of attention to your sign”

As members of the British Signs and Graphics Association, we are experts in providing the highest quality signs for your business. With over 20 years' experience in design, manufacture and installation we are able to offer a complete service.

Avoid the common issues noted above, or speak to our experts yourself for a free quote.

Image source: Forbes