An office refurbishment is no easy feat, especially when it comes to ensuring there is minimal disruption on the staff, customers and the business’s day-to-day running.

Now by no means are we office refurbishment or fit-out specialists, nor do we claim to be. However, we have worked in partnership alongside many refurbishment companies over the last 20 years.

And we’ve helped many quantity surveyors, project managers and facilities managers across the UK by offering a range of components to help as part of a refurb.

So we do know from first-hand experience what failures to avoid and what it takes for a project to be a success!

If you are planning to overhaul your office space, read on for some top tips!

                                                Refurb Film by Lustalux

1. Refurbish, don’t replace

It goes without saying but you can make huge significant savings by revamping existing furniture, doors, desks and window film by renovating them instead of replacing them and buying new.

You can still create that brand new look and feel that you’re trying to achieve but at a fraction of the price.

As an example, if you were to buy a brand new reception for your office, it would cost approx £19,000. Refurbishing your reception with Architectural Wrapping Film would only cost around £3,300 which gives you 83% savings!

The possibilities are almost endless with the potential to refurbish ceilings, walls, bars, columns, lifts, cupboards and partitions. And there’s a vast range of finishes that can be replicated including wood, leather, concrete, stone, metal and glitter.

We’re not sure why you would want glitter in your office but each man to his own.

Pictured: Glitter Architectural Wrapping Film by Coverstyl

Pictured: Glitter Architectural Wrapping Film by Coverstyl

2. Think about your Eco-footprint

                            Lustalux- Architectural Wrapping Film Lustalux- Architectural Wrapping Film                       

                                                                   Refurb Film by Lustalux

What impact is your office having on the environment? Did you know that 7/10 employees now actively seek ‘green’ employers?

A recent poll by Barclays has revealed that workers want to work for a company that is doing its bit to reduce its carbon footprint.

So as part of your refurbishment project, consider how environmentally-friendly the work space is?

In addition to the cost savings, refurb wrapping film also reduces waste in terms of landfill and transportation. There’s no mess, dust, dirt or noise and some wrapping films have a PVC free option; so it really is a clean and sustainable option that will have a low-impact on your ecological footprint.

3. Is the colour scheme stress-reducing?

                                                 Stress Free Colour Scheme

Did you know there are certain colours that are calming and that can reduce stress? Colour can have a huge impact on the mood in the workplace and affect productivity levels.

The most serene, tranquil colours that can help staff to feel at ease are chalky purple, olive green, light grey, watery blues and dusty pinks.

Make sure you stay clear of shades in the red, orange and yellow family. The wrong shade of yellow can trigger sickness and headaches!

5. Have your staff had an input?

A recent study by Exeter University showed that employees are healthier, happier & 32% more productive when they’ve had an input into the design and layout of their own workspace.

Have you asked your employees what they want from the refurb; what decor they would like, how would they like the layout to look, and can they personalise it to add individuality?

6. Can you source supplies from as fewer suppliers?

It goes without saying, but if you can make your job easier, than why wouldn’t you?

Instead of having to search, find and select 2-4 different suppliers for various components of the project, where possible, use as few suppliers as possible.

You’ll be surprised at the number of times we’ve arrived at a project to install Window Film, only to see they’ve got another supplier installing Graphics and someone different installing the Outdoor Signage.

It must be a headache sourcing several different companies that are all well-matched to your values, ethics and then on-boarding them onto your supplier’s list. Then there’s the logistics nightmare of dealing with several personnel and arranging all the invoices; when instead you could simply hire one company who can service all those components under one roof.

That’s where we can help as the one-stop shop of all those services!

7. Have you done a list, and checked it twice?

It can be daunting overseeing an office refurbishment project but being organised will certainly help. And we all love a good list, don’t we!

We found this really useful Checklist which we wanted to share...

                                                                        Office refurbishment checklist by K2Space

Image courtesy of K2Space

8. How much privacy do staff have?

                                                          Opaque Window Film Glass 

                                                          Opaque Window Film Glass

 There are occasions when privacy in the workplace is key.

For example, the financial assistant may need a certain level of privacy around their screen due to sensitive information on the screen.

Or you may require a breakout space to be physically secluded for private and difficult conversations. The last thing anyone wants when being dismissed or disciplined is for the whole office to see and hear!

Frosted, opaque and etch effect window film offers privacy and security and you can specially design them to feature graphics or the company logo to inject some personality.

So there you have it- 8 top tips to help your office refurbishment project become a blockbuster hit and not a washout blunder.

As members of the British Signs and Graphics Association, we are extremely experienced and knowledgeable when it comes to providing the highest quality signs for your business- whether that’s the interior or exterior of your building.

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