Daily Record

This week has seen two separate national news items involving glass falling out of multi storey buildings onto the pavement below. Commonly known as Spontaneous Breakage this phenomenon is usually caused by something called Nickel Sulphine Inclusions, which are impurities left in the glass after the toughening process.

The subject is quite topical here at Lustalux at the moment as we are currently undertaking a project in Birmingham where the occupants of a large building in the second city have experienced random glass breakage.

Several years ago we completed a similar project on one of London's tallest buildings. Euston Tower suffered from spontaneous breakage of the building's spandrel panels, which are the blank glass panels on each face of the building between the floors. As with our current job in Birmingham Lustalux installed a clear external weatherable film to each panel which was then further secured around the edges with structural silicone.

Lustalux has been installing Safety and Security Window Film all over the UK for over 25 years and needless to say we are a leading exponent of this niche service. We don't sell window film, we sell benefits, providing solutions for heat gain, energy saving, glazing security, blast protection and privacy.