Lustalux Ltd is a nationwide installer of Architectural Surface Wrapping Films.

We have the products, technical knowledge and expertise to help various business environments to refurbish rather than replace.

But what exactly is Surface Wrapping Film? It’s a relatively new material to launch in the UK, so you can be forgiven for not knowing all the details of what the product entails and how it can help your establishment.

So we’ve put together this ultimate guide that should answer all your questions!

What are Vinyl Surface Wrapping Films?

As the name clearly states, it is a film that can be applied to virtually any smooth, firm surface to recondition and transform it at a fraction of the cost of replacement.

LG Hausys, 3M Di-Noc, Avery Facade and Cover Styl’ architectural surface vinyl films are the brands that we use in our refurbishment projects.

Pictured: Lostock Hall Medical Centre, in Preston, refurbished their Reception Desk with surface wrapping film.

Lostock Hall Medical Centre, in Preston, refurbished their Reception Desk with surface wrapping film.

What can it go on?

Architectural Wrapping Film can be used on any smooth surface that the vinyl will bond to.

This includes desks, doors, cubicles, lifts, lockers and window frames to name a few. The possibilities are almost endless with the potential to refurbish a host of work and leisure environments.

Lustalux has lots of primers for surfaces that are an issue, so pretty much it will go on anything!

Pictured: Side tables uplifted with surface wrapping film at ADS Automotive, in Preston.

   Side tables uplifted with surface wrapping film at ADS Automotive, in Preston

Where are surface films mostly used?

As we mentioned above, they can be pretty much used anywhere but popular applications include:

  • Department stores
  • Offices
  • Restaurants
  • Lobbies
  • Bathrooms
  • Banks
  • Hospitals
  • Conference rooms

What's the durability of surface wrapping film?

They are resistant to abrasion, chemicals, staining, they’re all fire-rated, and some also have antibacterial properties in them, which is why they’re ideal for hospitals.

Pictured: Reception Desk revamped with surface wrapping film at Elm Ward in Manchester.

 Reception Desk revamped with surface wrapping film at Elm Ward in Manchester

 What kind of finishes are available?

There’s a vast range of colours and finishes available that can quickly and cost-effectively transform your interior and exterior surfaces.

To the untrained eye, the vinyl wraps are difficult to distinguish from the real material. Touch textures that enhance and uplift and create amazing spaces and high quality customer experiences.

We can replicate:

  • Wood
  • Metallic
  • Glitter
  • Leather
  • Fabric
  • Concrete
  • Natural Stone
  • Metal
  • Marble

             Various colours and finishes available for Architectural Surface Wrapping film

What are the advantages of using a Di-Noc type wrap over a veneer finish?

There is a much bigger choice of colour finishes, and it’s quicker and cleaner to install so there’s minimum downtime.

 Before & After project of some toilet cubicles that have had Architectural Surface Wrapping Film applied to refurbish, rather than replace.

Can the wrapping films be used externally?

The majority of the film is an internal product; there is an external range but it is limited in colours.

For external surfaces such as cladding and other types of building facades, Lustalux is an accredited installer of Avery Dennison Facade film which is warrantied externally for up to 10 years. Whole buildings can be transformed with an extensive range of coloured finishes.

Pictured: Avery Facade film used to refurbish an AC Unit.

 Avery Facade film used to refurbish an AC Unit.

What are the benefits?

There are so many advantages to this solution- there’s no reason NOT to use it. Here are 5 of the main benefits:

  1. Cost Saving - Reduces downtime during installation compared to full replacement.
  2. Fire Resistant - All films are fire tested. Certification available on request.
  3. Durability - Will withstand daily wear and tear without peeling, scratching or staining.
  4. Eco Friendly - Refurbishment rather than replacement reduces waste in terms of landfill and transportation.
  5. No Mess - Preparation and installation is quick and clean. No dust, no dirt, no noise.

Mess and disruption during a refurbishment can be a major hindrance to any project. Imagine the reduction in downtime if you were able to resurface rather than replace?

But let’s just delve a little deeper into the first point- cost savings.

Here are some examples of refurbishment versus new project costs… and we’ll let the money do the talking.

Environment Average Refurbishment Cost Average New Cost Savings
Hotel Lift    £1,300    £5,200    75%
Hotel Bar    £2,800    £18,000    85%
Office Reception Desk £3,300    £19,000    83%
Bar Area    £15,800    £120,000    87%

Lustalux’s UK vinyl applicators are all manufacturer trained and approved giving our clients confidence in the knowledge that both materials and workmanship are fully guaranteed.

We hope this guide has been super helpful and answered all your questions around wrapping film. For more information, download our brochure now and start your journey to transforming your decor both inside and out.

In the meantime, for more reading, check out this Case Study of a UK Architectural Wrapping Film project we delivered for a brand new leisure facility in Lancashire.

Or check out this timelapse video of an Office Reception Desk Wrap project: