When we set off in the morning to go to work, most often or not, our minds are focused on what tasks are set ahead.

Maybe you'll just be counting down the hours until you finish (you might want to think about getting a new job) but how often are you thinking how safe are you?

Safety in the workplace is often the last thought unless you work in a hazardous industry such as construction or refurbishment whereby it is a necessity by law.

Whatever environment you work in, whether it's an office, sports facility or school, how often do you worry about people walking into the glass, suffering from screen glare, or if the environment is even secure?

Are there appropriate measures in place to provide the level of privacy that you need?

These are important questions to ask and consider, especially if you're responsible for the overall well-being of the employees. Or in other cases, to protect the public who are visiting and using your premises.

Here are some health and safety stats from HSE to get your head around you:

  • 1.4 million working people suffering from a work-related illness
  • 555,000 injuries occurred at work according to the Labour Force Survey
  • 147 workers killed at work (2018/19)
  • 30.7 million working days lost due to work-related illness and workplace injury

So we're asking, how safe is your workplace?

We've put together some top tips to help make it safer…

Privacy & Security

One way mirrored window film - installed by Lustalux

Employees have rights, by law, to their privacy at work – within limitations of course.

A general rule of thumb is to allow employees privacy and help them feel comfortable by giving them a personal space in the office, making storage space available via cupboards or providing lockers.

But how safe are personnel and equipment from prying eyes?

Mirrored & One Way window film is the perfect product whereby outward vision is unobstructed, whilst inward vision is. Offering complete mirrored reflection during daytime hours, it helps in safeguarding confidential documents, processes or objects.

This makes them ideal for schools, police interrogation rooms and buildings that develop sensitive technology such as BAE.

Please note, for the most effective privacy and business security throughout both light and dark hours, we recommend opaque frosted window film.

Glass Shattering

Glass Shattering window film

Glass is a fragile material, which, if not protected correctly, can pose a hazard to the people around it. Toughened or heat soaked glass can break for no apparent reason. This is quite common and is usually caused by a phenomenon known as Nickel Sulphide Inclusions.

The use of safety film for glass reduces the risk of injury caused by accidental damage and avoids the threat of legal action surrounding a glass-related accident.

In the case of toughened glass, the effect of the granulation of any given pane into thousands of tiny pieces can be extremely harmful to anyone nearby at the time of the incident.

We have over 20 years' experience in providing glass shatter solutions relating to accidental and spontaneous glass breakage in all parts of the UK.

Here's a Case Study of Spontaneous Breakage caused by Nickel Sulphide Inclusions at Euston Tower, London's tallest office block.

Glass Manifestation

Glass Manifestation by Lustalux

Glass Manifestation is designed to be applied to glass windows, doors and partitions to help stop people walking into the glass and possibly causing injury.

At Lustalux we think it's a great opportunity to turn your blank windows, doors, and partitions into works of art! It's much more than just complying with DDA and Building regulations.

Bomb Blast Mitigation

Bomb Blast Mitigation Window Film by Lustalux

Imagine the unspeakable level of damage and injury that can happen when flying, broken glass occurs after an explosion.

Whether it's from a deliberate terrorist attack or an accidental explosion in the manufacturing/engineering industry, it's imperative to help eliminate the devastating effects of a bomb blast or industrial explosion.

The damage can spread like wildfire, ruining entire properties, businesses and in worst-case scenarios, lives.

Lustalux specialises in installing high-end multi-laminate Anti Shatter Window Films. They're regularly used within Government, Defence and Petro-Chemical sectors and can be combined with an edge retention system for added protection, making them ideal for banks or building societies.

Here's a Case Study of a project we were involved in for an Oil Refinery.

Overheating or Screen glare

Anti Glare Solar Control Window Film by Lustalux

Does glare cause an issue on the technology in your building such as computer screens, whiteboards or TX screens?

Or are you looking for a solution to an overheated workspace on warm days? Overheating can cause physical discomfort, dizziness, fainting and it can affect concentration levels, resulting in increased tiredness.

Keep your staff, students, customers or whoever steps into your premises cool and safe with Solar Control Window Film.

Lustalux has been installing window film around the UK for over 30 years and there is hardly a  solar heat gain or glare issue that we can't tackle.

So there you have some of our expert advice on how to improve the safety of your workplace.

But don't forget it's not just the physical safety of the environment but the psychological safety in creating a space in which people feel respected, accepted and comfortable.

Here's our Top 7 Easy Workplace Safety Tips (in addition to the above):

  1. Keep things clean
  2. Give employees the right training
  3. Ensure safety protocols are in place
  4. Make all warnings/guidance visible with signs and labels
  5. Regular breaks should be encouraged
  6. Regularly inspect, maintain and use the correct tools and equipment
  7. Handle stress- stress can come about for various reasons (job insecurity, heavy workload, long hours) but talking about it with a manager is crucial to resolve the situation.

Lustalux is industry leaders in window film; protect your employees, the public and the business's reputation with our help.

If you would like to have a conversation on how we can improve the safety of your workplace, call our specialists on 01772 726622 or email [email protected].