Centrica, the UK's leading energy and services company, is going to great efforts to protect its sustainable Biotecture green wall by installing solar control window film.

The British Gas owner recently hired our experts to help safeguard its living wall of plants for the atrium in the Centrica Windsor headquarters (Pictured: Living wall, like this one at Centrica, Oxford).

The large facility which consists of vast expanses of horizontal and vertical glass, features an impressive green wall that needed protecting from excessive heat from the sun.

Out team installed the silver reflective film over the course of the year with the help of Drewmark Building Services Ltd, who carry out national maintenance and project management.

A spokesperson from Centrica, who employs more than 37,000 people, said of the project: "The workforce of British Gas have been inspired by the living wall. Many of the staff members bring in clients to showcase the sustainable aspects of the building so it was absolutely imperative that we protected its health from the sun's heat."

The Biotecture living wall, which is three storeys high and contributed to the building's BREEAM rating of 'Excellent' acts as an acoustic buffer and a natural filter to improve air quality.

The applied solar control window film now reduces solar heat and glare into the atrium without significant loss of natural light.

Richard Lancaster, Managing Director of Lustalux, added: "We were delighted when Drewmark Building Services asked us to work alongside them to protect such a statement planting design. All work was carried out at the weekends so there was zero impact on the day to day business and the finished product will bring about a significant improvement in inside temperatures and glare which the entire workforce can enjoy."

Centrica joins a long list of reputable UK brands that we have worked with including Red Bull, BMW, Asda and Sky.

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