If you’re responsible for overseeing an upcoming project on your building, whereby window film, graphics or signs needs to be installed, the great news is you can now breathe a sigh of relief.


Well because you have come to the number one place for expert tips and advice that will help you remain stress-free and the project to run plain-sailing. OK so we can’t actually make you less stressed but we CAN give you some insights into how projects run smoothly, without any hiccups.

After all, we’ve been involved in thousands of projects over the last 20 years, so we’ve been there, done that and got the t-shirt so to speak!

But first, here are some statistics to get your head around:

  • On average, one in six projects saw a budget overrun of 200%.
  • Most organisations have a 70% project failure rate.
  • 80% of high-performing projects are led by a certified project manager.

So if your project does complete without ANY mistakes whatsoever, congratulations- you are part of the elite 30% that get it right! Now doesn’t that make you feel a little less worried? :)

We found this list of the top 5 rules of project management which we wholeheartedly swear by:

  1. Communicate, communicate, communicate
  2. Accountability is everything
  3. Focus on leadership- not management
  4. Focus on the end goal not the process
  5. Failure is not an option

Now let’s say you follow these rules, what kind of questions should you be asking your supplier to help the project run smoothly?

How long should the window film last?

Most of our window films are now warrantied for at least 10 years with a total life expectancy in excess of 15 years but that’s because we only use the highest grades of film from reputable manufacturers and because we stand by the quality of our installations.

Make sure you ask your supplier before any installation, so both parties are clear on expectations.

What preparation does the wall need prior to graphics or signage being installed?

The wall should be painted at least a week beforehand, as most suppliers will struggle to fit graphics to a freshly painted wall. Any holes need to be filled and an economy matte emulsion paint would suffice as long as it doesn’t contain any silicone.

We’re getting manifestation installed, does this need to happen beforehand at our works or after the glass has been installed?

We recommend that this always occurs on-site because we, for example, use laser levels to ensure the manifestation is perfectly straight and this would not be possible until the glass is in the frame.

So now you know what rules to follow and what questions to ask, here are our 5 ultimate pearls of wisdom:

  • Attention to detail

The first rule is “measure twice, cut once”. Most job problems are caused by miss measurement, so double checking dimensions is paramount.

  • Contact names

Make sure that when our team arrives on a site (or whichever supplier you’ve chosen), they are furnished with who to see and who to ask if they require any guidance.

  • Health and Safety

A necessary evil but lots of projects especially construction sites require inductions, risk assessments and method statements. A good PM needs to glean whether the inductions are at set times or flexible and how long they last.

  • Cooperativity is key

A co-operative site contact or site manager can make or break a job.

For example, much of our work requires a clean environment with no other trades working in close vicinity, as this creates dust and contaminants.

A good site manager will ensure that when we arrive, the path is clear for us to work in suitable conditions. On the flip side of that, we sometimes arrive on site where other trades are working and conditions are far from ideal because our presence has been requested too early due to the site managers eagerness to get ‘all the boxes ticked.’

  • Dot all the i’s and cross all the t’s

Having the correct paperwork always helps. This can include photographs, drawings or proofs, and of course accurate measurements, as already alluded to.

Whatever your headache with your window film or signage installation, give our industry leaders a call and they will do their utmost to solve your problem and help the project run smoothly.

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