Conservatory & Orangery Window Film

at is solar film for conservatories?

Conservatory window film is a type of solar control window film that has been designed specifically for residential use. 

Containing a high performance coating, the  film  prevents heat from building up by reflecting the sun’s heat away. 

Installation is a relatively straightforward process with minimal disruption and can transform your conservatory within hours.

What are the benefits of installing conservatory window film?

Conservatories, orangeries and bi-folding doors are very popular today particularly with British people desperate to maximise daylight and sunshine within the home.  They will not only provide you with extra living space and lovely views, they will help you to bring a little outdoors indoors. 

However, due to the percentage of glass, they  can all become a sun trap, particularly in the Spring and Summer months and this can lead to problems with overheating and sun damage caused by harmful UV rays filtering through the glass.

By installing reflective window film, you will reduce the solar heat gain by up to 60% instantly making your conservatory more comfortable. 

The reduction of harmful UV rays will protect your soft furnishings from fading and glare can be reduced by up to 99%. 

Unlike window blinds, the installation of conservatory window film will still allow light in without impairing your vision out.

Frequently asked questions

What can conservatory window film be used for?

Conservatory window film is ideal for orangeries, conservatories or bi-folding doors. In fact any area with a large expanse of glass.

What is the difference between reflective conservatory film and conservatory sun film? 

They are both different ways of describing the same thing. Conservatory window film works by reflecting the sun's rays and therefore reducing heat from entering your conservatory.

Can conservatory window film be retrofitted? 

Yes, the good news is that the film can be installed at any point.

How easy is it to install conservatory sun film?

Installation is a clean, quick process causing minimal disruption.

How much will heat be reduced with the installation of conservatory heat reduction film?

By installing reflective window film, you will reduce solar heat gain by up to 60%.