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Office reception design must capture the culture and brand of the organisation, control the flow of visitors, and be welcoming and practical, all at once.

Brand is communicated via the colour scheme and graphics, such as the business’s logo. Controlling visitor flow is assisted by well-placed wayfinding signs. Architectural films and wall graphics can achieve a look and feel that are simply not possible with paint.

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window film.

Lustalux has been working extensively within the care sector for many years.

We understand how crucial it is to provide a safe and healthy environment which is why we provide a comprehensive range of solutions relating to windows, energy efficiency, refurbishment, safety, security and employee and resident satisfaction.

We work throughout the UK for both supply and installation of window film, architectural wrapping films, graphics and signage in residential rooms, communal rooms, office spaces and public walkways.

Bringing projects in on time and on budget, our team of experts specialise in providing effective, low maintenance solutions with minimal disruption to residents and staff. 

architectural film.

Recently we have seen an increase in demand for “architectural surface wrapping” where we can transform interior and exterior surfaces without the need to rip out and replace.

Our Architectural Wrapping Films eliminate the need to replace all types of surfaces and furniture. Reception desks, Elevators, doors and even walls can be given a fresh new look with literally hundreds of finishes and effects available. This film is especially useful in a clinical or busy environment as it is durable and easily cleaned without damage.

From a ecological view point, refurbishing rather than replacing will save on wastage and therefore landfill this ticking the “green” box.

dale johnson of lustalux
globachem cut lettering signage



Residential home walls are often left blank and can appear clinical. This is a perfect space for our Lustalux designers to work our magic on.

Inspire your residents, staff and visitors through bright visuals and wall graphics. We will create stunning murals reminiscent of times gone by with the goal of stimulating memories in those living with Dementia.

We can also design and install internal and external signage to help your business make a statement and stand out from the crowd. This seems especially popular where there is multiple residential properties in the same group.

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Our team of designers work closely with you to bring your project to life.

No matter your level of creative experience; we can collaborate with you to achieve a creative solution.

We take the stress out of the creative process and provide the means to portray your brand and company values in the best light.

Let us solve your problems with creative ideas and design solutions.


Our production team use a range of the latest printers and cutting machines to produce every aspect of your project in the Lustalux workshop and studio.

We oversee everything in-house to ensure top quality across all areas.

Let us bring your project to life through the combination of the latest technology and our effective production techniques.


Our installation team is made up of fully qualified installers, each being skilled and knowledgeable, with extensive experience of working in a range of environments and industries.

We can work to a time that suits you to ensure minimal disruption to your day, whilst completing all work to the highest standard.

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Designing an office reception area is a fine balance between practicality and visual appeal, catering to the needs of both visitors and your staff. These images showcase various office reception areas and offer inspiration for creating a well-designed and memorable entrance. To ensure a lasting first impression, it’s crucial to focus on high-quality solutions, using premium materials and custom reception desks. Without occasional updates, your reception area may quickly become outdated, and this is where our expertise in crafting signs and graphics for contemporary office reception spaces truly excels

globachem cut lettering signage
Does this take you back to a happier time
Add a garden room effect indoors

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