our work in Industrial and Commercial Signs.

Industrial and Commercial signage is a significant part of our business, covering diverse projects like shopping centres, offices, schools, healthcare, leisure venues, and more. Our experienced team excels in designing and building signage for these projects, tackling a range of sign types and unique challenges.

Early involvement in projects allows us to leverage our extensive experience for our clients’ benefit. Our team provides clear guidance on signage options, explaining their pros, cons, performance, and cost implications.

From design and manufacturing to on-site installation, we manage the entire project seamlessly. Imperial Signs has installed over a thousand signs across various settings, from new industrial units to restaurants.

Our lighting options, including internally illuminated boxes, LED, and fluorescent trough lights, come in various colours to suit any sign, ensuring it grabs attention both inside and outside

Mirrored window film


window film.

Lustalux has a rich history of serving the commercial and industrial sectors for many years.

We recognise the importance of creating a productive and safe workplace. That’s why we offer a wide range of solutions for windows, energy efficiency, refurbishment, safety, security, and overall employee satisfaction.

Our services span across the UK, encompassing the supply and installation of window film, architectural wrapping films, graphics, and signage in industrial facilities, offices, and public areas.

Our dedicated team excels in delivering projects punctually and cost-effectively. We specialise in providing efficient, low-maintenance solutions that minimise disruption to your business operations.

architectural film.

Recently we have seen an increase in demand for “architectural surface wrapping” where we can transform interior and exterior surfaces without the need to rip out and replace.

Our Architectural Wrapping Films eliminate the need to replace all types of surfaces and furniture. Reception desks, Elevators, doors and even walls can be given a fresh new look with literally hundreds of finishes and effects available. This film is especially useful in a sterile or busy environment as it is durable and easily cleaned without damage.

From a ecological view point, refurbishing rather than replacing will save on wastage and therefore landfill this ticking the “green” box.

Broadhurst’s own distinctive branding as hoarding
Totem Signs throughout your business to aid direction



Industrial sites often blend into one another, making signage essential for both function and aesthetics. Effective signage guides visitors and deliveries accurately, catering to pedestrians and drivers. Your signage creates a crucial first impression for visitors and your workforce, instilling pride in your company.

In today’s digital age, your online presence is vital. Showcase your premises on your website and platforms like Google Maps. For a fraction of your unit’s cost, ensure your premises align with your business goals. The number of businesses in industrial units is growing, reflecting the evolving industrial landscape

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Our team of designers work closely with you to bring your project to life.

No matter your level of creative experience; we can collaborate with you to achieve a creative solution.

We take the stress out of the creative process and provide the means to portray your brand and company values in the best light.

Let us solve your problems with creative ideas and design solutions.


Our production team use a range of the latest printers and cutting machines to produce every aspect of your project in the Lustalux workshop and studio.

We oversee everything in-house to ensure top quality across all areas.

Let us bring your project to life through the combination of the latest technology and our effective production techniques.


Our installation team is made up of fully qualified installers, each being skilled and knowledgeable, with extensive experience of working in a range of environments and industries.

We can work to a time that suits you to ensure minimal disruption to your day, whilst completing all work to the highest standard.

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Match your walls to your theme
Mirrored window film
Privacy Window Film

shop window graphics & window vinyl.