Stimulate Learning in Schools with Wall Murals – Baines High School

Bare walls are a blank canvas and are an ideal opportunity to create inspirational and informative murals in all types of establishments, especially in schools.

When a senior member of staff from Baines High School near Blackpool visited our office to discuss an unrelated signage matter, his attention was caught by a large wall mural in our showroom.

The laminated, wipeable graphic along one wall not only showcases many of our high-end customers but also demonstrates what can be done with a little bit of imagination and no small amount of flair.

Needless to say, one thing led to another and a concept was born.

“Our Preston Showroom Mural Wall”

Our talented design team was briefed to design and produce inter-departmental wall graphics with subjects featuring historical and contemporary characters, inspirational quotes, the environment and nutrition to name a few.

Once the designs passed approval from school staff members Lustalux set about printing and laminating the murals and finally installing them on walls around the 400-year-old school during the summer recess.

Eatwell plate

Lustalux has been designing and installing this type of “art” in buildings across the UK for several years. Not only in schools but in residential homes, offices, board rooms and reception areas to brighten up the day of all who behold them. The materials we use are of the highest quality available to the printed media trade and have much greater durability than standard wallpapers.

Chose a design for your wall

If you are inspired to explore how we can brighten up your work environment get in touch. We can work with your own images, from photo and image stock libraries or design something bespoke as we have here.