Signs & Graphics For Groundbreaking Children’s Centre

The brainchild of charity CEO, Trudi Beswick and part-funded personally by Phones4U entrepreneur and philanthropist John Caudwell, the stunning £18million building is a groundbreaking childhood neurodevelopmental research centre and it is the very first of its kind in the UK.

Trudi Beswick, who masterminded the design and the unique approach to signage within the Centre said: “Our aim is to revolutionise the way millions of people in the UK affected by the condition can be helped and this wouldn’t have been possible without the support of Lustalux and all the other businesses who have helped build and launch our new centre.”

Lustalux were initially contacted by the architects for the project C4 in 2015 with a simple requirement for advice regarding glass manifestation. As is often the case with long term projects such as this, our involvement increased over time to include various types of signage and graphics

When our brief expanded into a full signage requirement, for the external signs we manufactured and installed two totem signs plus several free standing and wall signs. All these were produced by our talented signs and graphics team in the distinctive Caudwell purple branding with butterfly logo providing an eye catching feature on approaching the centre. 

Internally the hospital is designed sympathetically towards the autistic condition. This consideration is also applied to the signage and graphics around the interior of the building whereby everything is designed to calm rather than over stimulate. Images and text are subtle rather than vibrant to create a peaceful ambiance.

One of the finishing touches to our involvement with the project was to help create a “Thank You Wall”. This entailed the installation of brushed steel flat cut letters spelling Thank You with each letter containing small hooks. We then manufactured a number of fret cut acrylic butterflies to be attached to the hooks with small key rings. Each butterfly will then contain the name of someone who has made a valuable contribution to the building and the well being of the hospital. Needless to say John Caudwell’s name was on the first butterfly to be attached.

On the 16th May 2019 Lustalux were delighted to be invited to attend the grand opening carried out by John Caudwell himself. An auspicious day for a stunning building with a great purpose. Well done to all concerned!

Lustalux is proud to have been involved with such a great project but of course every job doesn’t happen in such auspicious surroundings. What ever your signage, graphics, window film or architectural graphics project, big or small, will will treat with equal care and attention.

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