Flex Face Signage

Leyland Trucks – flex face – stretch banner on a frame.

What do you do when the client wants a sign that’s the size of a truck?

Most sheet material comes in an 8×4 sheet (2400x1200mm for those born after 1965). This creates a challenge for sign makers who want their clients to have large flawless, seam-free, signs. Flex Face Signage is typically used for outdoor sign applications such as factories, retail park shop fronts, warehouses and other large format signage requirements. Flex face signage can also be illuminated in sizes upwards of 5x2m, which is huge!

When Leyland Trucks needed a new large format sign, Lustalux knew that Flex Face signage would be the obvious solution.

The Outdoor Sign at Leyland Trucks needed to be clearly visible from the nearby road. The optimum size for their size was around 10 meters in width. That’s a big one and the best mounting location was on the warehouse’s external wall above a single-story extension. This made installation tricky.

The Lustalux installation team are well-trained in all aspects of sign installation and this includes working at height from mobile access platforms. Winners-access.com had the perfect vehicle with the correct amount of reach to facilitate the Flex Fit Sign Installation. We’ll definitely use them again…


large format flex face signage installation team
large format flex face signage9 metre sign