Lancashire School Wall Mural Case Study

School Mural

Lustalux was approached by Lancashire County Council several months before the construction of a new school was completed, to design a fantasy wall mural.

The brief was to conceive a wrap around mural covering three of the school walls and featuring characters from children’s literature. We were given a rough “story board” sketch to work with from which our designers created a forest scene featuring our old friend the Gruffalo, Harry Potter, the Seven Dwarfs, the BFG and many more.

Once approved we set about digitally printing the wall murals in sections onto white adhesive vinyl which were then laminated for extra protection against the rigours and wear and tear of a busy school.

Finally the school mural was pieced together by our installation team around three walls in a corridor of the school which took less than two days to complete. The end result, a stunning mural that we are sure that children and teachers alike will find a charming addition to their working environment.

Lustalux can design virtually any type of vinyl or wallpaper mural to complement a wide range of work and leisure environments. Everything is carried in house by our experienced team allowing us full quality control.

School mural – large format BFG Roald Dalh image

school mural - large format BFG Roald Dalh image