Painting By Numbers

It’s always nice to be asked to undertake a project that gives us the opportunity to showcase the diversity of our skills at Lustalux.

Contractors working on behalf of renowned Manchester building regeneration company Urban Splash  – “Leading transformers of the dreary to the desirable” approached us to help with the facelift of their block of buildings known as The Boat Shed.

The buildings consisted of stereotypical 80/90’s red brick facades, clean and functional but rather uninspiring. The aim was to give them a “funky” contemporary look with bold over-stated signage.

This was achieved by working with an urban commercial artist and mural painter to create the outlines of giant numbers on the sides of the buildings. We then filled the outlines in using exterior grade paint to the specific Urban Splash brand yellow RAL colour. You could say that we were literally painting by numbers!

In addition to the wall painting, we also installed Contra-Vision film to some of the windows allowing us to give the windows the same yellow colour as the numbers while allowing vision out through the glass from the inside.

To round everything off we also installed five fret cut aluminium monolith signs with numbers corresponding to the various buildings, coloured window vinyl and we painted the perimeter fence with the same distinctive branding.

For any signage or graphics requirement whether big, small, low key or downright outrageous give our team a call and let us rise to the challenge.