Roadside Totem Sign

Northern Dairy Equipment


There’s a business in Preston that manufactures specialist equipment to help farmers prepare their herd for milking.

Northern dairy equipment started as a small farm hygiene chemical distributor but has grown significantly over the last 20 years. Winning awards along their journey, they now have a diverse range of dairy hygiene equipment designed and manufactured in-house. In 2018 the business made a leap forward after investing in a new facility in Cottam near Preston.

Northern Dairy totem sign

The business recently found themselves in the path of the Preston Western Distributor and new M55 junction works which caused some disruption to their daily routines. Started in 2019 and costing £207m, the new road has been in the works since 2013/14 when consultations and reports first began. As part of the final landscaping, a new entrance was created from Avice Pimblett Way (the new road connecting Edith Rigby Way to Lea Road)

Northern Dairy Equipment received funding from Lancashire County Council to update roadside signage and Lustalux welcomed the job.

Andy Fisher – Lustalux
“We had a certain amount of freedom to use existing brand guidelines to produce a roadside totem sign. The sign would mark the new entrance to Northern Dairies. The totem sign is 3x1m and will be illuminated by floor-mounted upwash flood light, creating an impressive and functional sign for the business.”

Totem signs, also known as monolith signs, are like billboards on steroids. With multiple panels, they offer ample space to share valuable information with your audience. You can divide them strategically, placing your branding at the top and highlighting key product details below. Passersby, whether on foot or in vehicles, can’t resist taking a closer look at what you have to offer.


Northern Dairy totem sign - case study