Stand-Off Lettering

Spa hotel receives a facelift

The Old Swan in Harrogate is one of Harrogate’s most famous Hotels with 200 years of history. In 1977 the Hotel was a set location for the film ‘Agatha’ with Dustin Hoffman and Vanessa Redgrave. The Hotel also boasts numerous other accolades and celebrity endorsements over the years.

A smart, clean, and well-presented entrance is crucial for a hotel due to its significant impact on the establishment’s image and guest experience. A welcoming entrance sets the initial impression, influencing guests’ perceptions of the entire property.

Lustalux is a reputable signage company and can play a pivotal role in enhancing image by providing high-quality signage solutions that align with a hotel’s branding and aesthetics. Stand-off letters are usually die-cut or routed from metal or perspex and raised away from the facia via mounting pins.


These days, The Old Swan now recommends a visit for a relaxing stay, great food and an excellent night’s sleep!

It’s a perfect place for a short stay and they have some great gift vouchers and package stay deals. Find out more..