Signage for Schools

Looking for School wall graphics or School corridor displays?

We have the most Inspirational Wall Art for Schools!

There are many inspirational quotes in the world by famous authors/role models on being educated. Book quotes make the perfect content for overlaying onto  School library wall art.

Lustalux have seen and experienced the impact that inspirational wall graphics and murals have had on their surroundings.

Our experts have worked in numerous educational establishments across the UK in which the walls of school classrooms and corridors have been transformed into artistic, influential billboards to stimulate and encourage both staff and pupils’ creativity.

Is your School looking for that extra bit of inspiration? Do you have lots of empty wall space that’s crying out for contemporary decoration? Check out our selection of the Top 9 Most Inspiring Walls…

So why are so many schools dressing their walls in style?

Your walls are a blank canvas. Schools, colleges and universities are thriving, cultural environments in which people can flourish and grow…so why settle for just plain walls when School Wall Graphics are simple, high impact and engaging alternatives?

Students blossom when they’re encouraged by the objects around them, and plain hallways or blank classrooms are hardly the most motivating canvases.

Lustalux can print virtually any image of your choice and we can even apply vinyl graphics and murals onto brick work and block surfaces.

If your organisation needs to improve classroom comfort, security, safety, or ambiance, make Lustalux your first port of call and Contact Us today.