The Tun – Edinburgh

Signage for one of Edinburgh’s most striking buildings.


When your contract is to add signage to a large bright green and controversial business office building, the heat is on…

The Tun is a landmark office building in close proximity to The Scottish Parliament and it boasts major occupiers including Citi Bank and Rockstar North. Other high calibre occupiers include The BBC, WWF, Edinburgh University, Genera.

Architecturally striking and award winning The Tun building was developed in 2002 with the purpose of offering high quality contemporary office accommodation with leisure uses at ground floor.

The Tun is a landmark office building in close proximity to<br />
The Scottish Parliament

Lustalux for property managers

We focus on enhancing your investment value by improving the branding of your commercial assets. We can manage the signage, graphics and glass window films for your portfolios and individual properties whether you are an institutional, charitable, public, commercial, or private client. We specialise in industrial units and estates, offices and office parks, high street shops and shopping centres, retail parks and parades, and mixed portfolios and single buildings.

Totem Signs

The client wanted a contemporary signage solution that complimented the high level of architectural design that is The Tun. Monolith or Totem signs offer a brutal minimalist substrate for branding and way-finding signage.

This simple form creates an impactful yet understated message.

totem sign outside the tun in edinbugh
wayfinding signs inside the tun in edinburgh

Wayfinding Signs

Improve spatial awareness with wayfinding signs, guiding people on their journey. Without clear indicators, people can easily get lost, making office directional signs essential.

Bespoke wayfinding signs help customers and clients navigate effortlessly, finding toilets, reception, or meeting rooms while communicating your brand emotion. Our custom wayfinding signs provide the perfect solution for your business needs.

Projecting Signs

projecting wall signs at the tun in edinburgh

Simple yet highly effective, these projecting signs offers excellent value for money. The panel signs are covered with double-sided bespoke printed vinyl with your branding or logo.

Edinburgh City Centre

The Tun is situated within the Holyrood district of Edinburgh’s Historic Old Town, 0.7 miles to the east of Edinburgh city centre and at the foot of the famous Royal Mile. The area has long been synonymous with the seat of power in Scotland. The Palace of Holyroodhouse, the official residence of the British monarch, sits at the foot of The Royal Mile, opposite the new Scottish Parliament Building which opened in 2004.