A Range of Vinyl Designs to Transform any Smooth Surface into a Variety of Finishes and Textures.

3M Di-Noc, Avery Facade and  Cover Styl'   architectural surface films provide a range of replica finishes that to the untrained eye are difficult to distinguish from the real thing. Interiors can be uplifted and transformed at a fraction of the cost of replacement desks, doors, furniture and many other surfaces including window frames as shown on our YouTube Channel.

For external surfaces such as cladding and other types of building facades, Lustalux is also an accredited installer of Avery Dennison Facade film which is warrantied externally for up to ten years. Whole buildings can be transformed from an extensive range of coloured films.

Before and After

With a vast range of smooth and textured finishes available, we can replicate wood, leather, concrete, stone and metal. Download the brochure below now and begin creating your new interior.

The possibilities are almost endless with the potential to refurbish ceilings, walls, bars, columns, lifts, cupboards and partitions in a whole host of locations.