Stimulating Wall Graphics & Murals

It has been proven that colourful and interesting wall graphics and murals aid dementia sufferers by stimulating memories and feelings of well being.

Lustalux has been working within the dementia care sector for some time designing, manufacturing and installing a range of topical and striking wall murals with the purpose of encouraging reminiscence among residents. Dementia sufferers often have an excellent long-term memory. The purpose of the graphics is to create an environment that stimulates memories of the past.

All our work is done in-house starting with concepts created by one of our talented designers where they will take a brief from a client and then produce something truly eye-catching. Once a concept has been approved by our client we then print the murals onto vinyl which is then laminated for extra durability giving it a much greater lifespan than for example, wallpaper. 

The image below shows how we created a mural along a bedroom corridor to replicate a suburban street. This serves as a dual purpose by primarily creating a familiar and comforting ambience and also giving individual rooms a "homely" appearance.