Window & Wall Vinyl Graphics in Manchester

Manchester is a world-class city which offers a fantastic environment for business. It boasts a diverse and high quality portfolio of commercial properties and it is the birthplace of industry and innovation.

So it’s no wonder why over the last two-decades, we’ve worked with so many companies based in the city when it comes to their vinyl graphics!

Manchester prides itself as the city of diversity, colour and inspiration. But does your company’s branding stand out from the crowd and positively improve the look and feel of the environment? Graphics - for both windows and walls - are a fantastic way to create an impact on all visitors, customers and staff that walk through your premises.

Turn your blank walls or glazed screens into works of art with our expert team. As a leading corporate and business graphics contractor, as well as members of the British Signs and Graphics Association, Lustalux has been designing, manufacturing and supplying window graphics and wall graphics to companies based in Manchester and the surrounding areas since 1991.

No matter what your individual needs and requirements may be, we are sure to be able to assist you as we’ve worked with a plethora of commercial settings including shops, schools, universities, care homes, offices and public buildings.  

And the team can help you with all aspects of graphics, including advice on designing your own visuals, in-house design, printing and installation.

Once your graphics are ready, our quick seamless installation will ensure they are displayed with minimal disruption at a time that suits your organisation. All projects are finished to the utmost quality combined with fast, efficient and professional service. You can see this for yourself in our gallery and client testimonials!

For any signage or graphics requirement whether big, small, low key or downright outrageous, give our Manchester office a call on 0161 696 2349 and let us rise to the challenge. Alternatively, use our Contact us form today for a free quote on transforming your windows or walls into a work of art.