Why Care Homes Are Using Wall Murals To Help Residents Feel At Home.

Making the decision to move your loved one into a care home is a difficult and worrying one.

There are so many considerations and there’s always the concern over whether they will feel comfortable and at home there.

Care homes are turning to wall murals to help residents feel more at home.

Peaceful and interesting artwork offers something interesting to look at while also helping dementia care patients recognise their surroundings.

Here are just a few benefits to having wall murals in care homes.

The Benefits Of Wall Murals In Care homes.

1. Improves The treatment of Dementia patients.

For both patients and loved ones, dementia is an incredibly difficult thing to manage.

It can feel like you’re losing the person you love.

Reminiscence therapy has proven to be beneficial as it helps those suffering to recall memories they thought they’d lost using the power of the senses.

Objects to hold, sounds, and familiar sights are all helpful in bringing back memories.

Wall murals can be used as part of reminiscence therapy to help care home residents.

They help them to remember days gone by and/or encourage them to become familiar with their surroundings.

Examples of how this works in practice is to create murals that look like shops, cafes, gardens, and post offices. Residents not only recognise these sights, but they also feel like they still have their independence. 

Of course, every resident is different and so are their needs.

One way you can use wall murals is to create different spaces within the care home.

For example, one area can include soothing peaceful images whereas others can be more stimulating and colourful. This caters to the needs of each individual resident

2. They help residents find their way around

In a care home, the use of colour and artwork can be rare.

It is easy for residents to get lost when all the corridors and spaces look the same.

Feeling lost can be very upsetting and worrying to a resident, especially those with dementia.

Displaying interesting and unique wall murals throughout the space helps residents to recognise where they are, and to find their way to where they need to be.

3. It creates a beautiful space.

Care homes can sometimes look and feel a little clinical. It’s hard for residents to feel at home in a space like this.

Using wall murals in care homes helps to transform common areas like corridors, dining areas, and sitting rooms.

There are so many benefits to decorating the space in this way.

For example:

  • displaying pictures of food in a dining area can encourage residents to eat
  • decorating bathrooms to look like spas makes the space more inviting
  • scenes of nature bring peace to common areas where residents sit and relax

Using wall murals in care homes help to create a space where residents feel at home.

Displaying images of shops and cafes gives residents a sense of purpose to their day and helps them to feel less confused about where they are.

It also helps create a feeling of peace and homeliness where there may not have been before.

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