Case Study – Sky Walk at Blackpool Tower

Lustalux is proud to service the iconic SkyWalk glass floor at Blackpool Tower. Since 2012, we have been providing safety glass film to keep the see-through Blackpool Glass floor in tip-top shape.

Three times a year, we take the tower lift up to the viewing platform 308 feet above the promenade and refresh the protective surface. We prime and protect the surface of the SkyWalk ‘walk-of-faith’ glass panels with our specialist safety window film.

We use a scratch resistant, anti-vandal safety film, which protects the two laminated glass sheets from damage caused by the millions of feet that scramble across them every year.

Each year, around 3 million tourists come to Blackpool to experience its unique attractions. The fear-inducing feature, which weighs half a tonne, was reopened as the Tower Eye in 2011 following a million pound investment.

The Blackpool Tower Eye offers a solid glass viewing panel where you can look out over panoramic views of the North West.

Blackpool Tower itself was built in 1894 and stands at an epic 158 metres tall. It took seven years to paint the Tower from top to bottom and its lift travels the equivalent of 3,500 miles every year.

Since Lustalux have been working with Blackpool Tower, people have always been curious to know how the team get up there to install the film. The answer’s simple – we use the public lift like everybody else!

Richard Lancaster, Managing Director, said “We narrowly avoided a huge hike in our insurance premiums when our insurers found out about the work. We had to reassure them it was completely safe as we apply the film on the inside, not the outside.”

If you want to increase the glass safety in your business’s premises, Lustalux can help. We have the industry’s most extensive range of high technology window films, so call the experts today on 01772 726622.

And if you’re planning to make a visit to Blackpool Tower’s Skywalk, just remember, don’t look down!