Mercedez Benz & Audi Car Showroom Case Study

We were approached by Ciceley who are main dealers for Mercedes Benz commercial vehicles to solve an over heating issue in their Bolton showroom. We sent them over to Blackburn Audi to evaluate what we had done there in terms of improving comfort and reducing cooling costs. The feedback they received convinced them that Lustalux could help.

 The solution was to install Lustalux’s Sentinel Stainless Steel 40 Window Film.

The result:

  • 45% total solar energy rejection.
  • 57% glare reduction.
  • Saving £££’s off air conditioning costs!

Window films are the perfect solution when windows in your establishment need extra safety, security, privacy, solar protection or energy control and Cicely Mercedes and Blackburn Audi showrooms were suffering from unbearable glare and inside temperatures in the summer time.

This was having a knock-on effect on staff productivity as well as customer service. However, Lustalux came to the rescue by installing some of the industry’s leading high technology window films.

Key Benefits for the Mercedez Benz and Audi dealerships:

  • Reduced inside temperatures in summer
  • Reduced glare to a comfortable level
  • Does not obstruct the vision into the car showroom
  • Gives clear glass a modern contemporary look

Now the showroom will not only look great all year round but the staff will feel great too as they won’t be overwhelmed by glare or heat, and cooling costs will be lowered. Win-Win-Win!

Better still, the window film is durable and scratch resistant allowing normal cleaning methods to be used so it is low-maintenance.

Who else have we helped?

With over 20 years experience as market leaders in window films, we have the technical knowledge and expertise to tackle any type of job requiring solar control, security, privacy or window decoration, and we have helped car dealerships across the UK to makeover their showrooms. 

If your dealership or office, like Mercedes Benz and Audi, is looking for a solution to an overheated workplace or you simply want to reduce energy costs in the building, give us a call today on local call 0808 2525 934 or get in touch via our Contact Page.

One of our experts can provide you with a competitive quote in just 24 hours to reduce heat, glare, air conditioning costs or heat loss with our window films.