Magnificent Manifestation For The Christie

Lustalux is fast gaining a reputation for offering something a little different when it comes to manifestation. Glazing health and safety can be a rather dry subject and is often a necessary evil. Many fit-out contractors and end users alike tend to opt for the bare minimum requirement in order to comply with building regulations which are as follows:

Regulation 14 of the Workplace (Health, Safety and the Welfare) Regulations 1992, and the Building Regulations 2010: Document K.4  cover the safety of glazing. They state that “manifestation must be applied to glazing in critical locations to increase its visibility and reduce the potential for human impact”.

At Lustalux we are always happy to oblige if a client requires simple applied vinyl graphics such as circles or squares of frosted vinyl in order to meet the above regulations however what we really love is the chance to create something with visual impact.

Designers on behalf of our client based designs on various wallpaper patterns at their disposal which we then printed in UV ink on clear film. This meant that the whole surface of each glass screen would be covered by the film leaving no areas vulnerable to tampering which can sometimes happen with “plotter cut” vinyl graphics and manifestation. Unfortunately the temptation to “pick” at applied vinyl is too great for some.

Once we had shown that we could reproduce a printed design that ticked all the boxes we embarked on the production and the installation of the manifestation with stunning results.

Lustalux can design, print and install a vast range of graphics for functional or aesthetic purposes. Your glass screens or your plain walls are a blank canvas on which we can create a work of art. Why not make a statement and improve your working environment by calling our graphics team today on 01772 726622.