Successful external solar film trial for COVID testing site

In August 2020 at the height of the pandemic, Lustalux was asked to provide a solution for an acute overheating problem in a Covid testing laboratory in leafy Cheshire. Sun was streaming through south facing windows causing over heating problems for staff and who knows what else in this extremely sensitive location. Our first priority was to suggest a solution that not only solved the issue but did so without unduly compromising light levels in the laboratories.

To this end we provided a trial installation of our Solar Gard Sentinel SS25 External Weatherable Solar Film to reduce solar heat gain by over 60% and maintain good light levels without noticeably altering the external appearance of the building.

Once the trial was completed, it was clear  by the end of 2020 that  this was the way forward and we were given the go ahead to install the film to two floors of the building for the world renowned pharmaceutical company.


Work was completed on the building from an articulated boom meaning that there was minimal disruption to personnel at the location. With spring and summer on the way the laboratories will be kept much cooler meaning that the vitally important work within can be carried out in a pleasant environment.


External Solar Control Window Film is Lustalux’s solution of choice for extreme heat problems in the work place. When solar control film is applied to face 1* of a double glazed unit most of the solar energy is reflected outwards or absorbed before entering the building.

* The outer surface of the DGU. 

External Solar Control Film will also save energy by reducing summer cooling costs where air conditioning is present. Significantly short payback figures can be shown with investment in solar window film.