Everton stadium at Bramley Moore Dock

Bramley Moore Dock Hydraulic Engine House (Tower)

Everton Football Club plans to breathe new life into the derelict hydraulic tower on the site of its proposed new stadium at Bramley-Moore Dock, Liverpool. The application required Listed Building Consent and a sympathetic design.

bramley moore dock Hydraulic Engine House (Tower)


The application granted sought permission for works to make the building weather-tight and structurally sound. This including proposed new openings to allow for a functional layout for the intended future use of the building.

Lustalux were tasked with helping make the newly glazed opening safe with manifestation stickers applied to the clear glass surfaces. Further work will be carried out in spring with a full manifestation install of all the curtain wall glazing in the ground itself.


The hydraulic tower, built in 1883, was originally used to power dock infrastructure, and was part of a high-level railway system which connected to and served the docks, but has long since fallen into disrepair.

The tower’s engine house has previously been demolished and the chimney reduced in height, with all the original equipment having also been removed from the building.

Everton’s application, which proposed extensive repairs to this long-standing vacant building to prevent further degradation, states the restoration of the tower would be “both sympathetic to its past, but sustainable for its future,” and adhere to the heritage principals governing development of the docklands area.

new everton stadium
Main contractor : Laing o rourke.
Installation partner: Bennetts architectural glazing.
image credit to : webbaviation.co.uk