Blast Mitigation Film – Glasgow Station

Window Film Solutions for Martyn’s Law.

When a large Glasgow-based maintenance company were tasked with providing additional public security in the event of a terrorist incident Lustalux stepped into the breach. In these times of heightened security risk, protecting the public from injury from flying glass is a major consideration, especially with the advent of Martyn’s law in the wake of the Manchester Arena bomb. A detonated device can cause a window to become a deadly missile in itself creating a myriad of lethal glass shards.

glasgow train station fitted with protective window film

Scottish Heritage

Glasgow central  railway station was opened by the Caledonian Railway at the height of the Victorian era in August 1879 and is managed by Network Rail. It is the northern most  terminus for the West Coast Main Line which runs from London Euston up through the western region of the United Kingdom to Scotland. The station itself houses a large number of retail units most of which feature  glass display windows and it is here where Lustalux were brought in to provide protection.

The film installed was a clear 200 micron security film manufactured by one of our principal manufacturers Solar Gard, Saint-Gobain which has a high impact and explosion resistance.  All the work was carried out by one of our skilled installation teams in the dead of night while the station was largely unoccupied and over the course of approximately one week.

Lustalux has been providing security, safety and peace of mind to many locations across Scotland and the rest of the UK since the 1990’s. Our security films come in a rage of gauges ranging from 100 micron up to 300 micron. The films can be optically clear however we also install “combination films” which incorporate additional solar control features for safety and security with added solar heat and glare reduction.

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